5 Ways to Reduce No Shows

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Have you ever given someone an MLM invitation and they haven’t showed up?
It doesn’t matter if the invitation was to a webinar, a one on at a coffee shop, a home meeting or even a hotel meeting it’s painful when you are expecting 1 or most guests to show up and they don’t come.
What’s important to get more people to accept our invitation and also show up is to build curiosity. If you don’t know how to do that then I invite you to get a free copy of “Recruiting Questions That Work.” What’s really nice about this audio is that in gets the right prospects to actually chase you and want to know more details about your business and what you are doing. http://kennysantos.com/rqtw/

Besides building up curiosity in you MLM Invitiations, here are 5 other things that you can do to get more people to accept an invitation and also show up when they way they will.

1. Invite with confidence
Not only do you want to build curiosity, but you also want to invite with confidence. You need to learn how to not worry about the outcome when you invite them. I recently wrote a blog post that shows you how to invite with confidence and how to get more people to accept your MLM invitation.

2. Reconfirm With Them
There are 2 times that you need to reconfirm an MLM invitation.

The first is when they first agree to come. Once they agree to come say something like this:
“Are you the type of person that keeps their appointments?”
“Perfect, I need you to be extra special in keeping this one. On the off chance that you’ll be late or that you won’t make it, I need you to let me know. I don’t want to have to hold up everyone and delay the meeting while we wait for you.”

The second time is the same day of the appointment.

Call them and say something like this,
“We have an appointment today at XYZ. How do you spell your last name? I just want to make sure that you are registered correctly.”
“We have an appointment today at XYZ. I’m just making sure you have the correct address.”

By calling them, they can’t “forget” to come. Call them to confirm but don’t say, “I’m calling to confirm our appointment.” That just gives them the chance to cancel.

3. Don’t tell them the address
This seems very counter intuitive but many network marketers accept too many “maybes” or “I’ll try” and then they get disappointed when their prospects don’t come to a presentation.

People don’t want to tell you “no”. They will instead tell you what they THINK you want to hear. Instead of “no”, they’ll say “I’ll try to make it” or “maybe I’ll come”.

Instead of accepting that answer and then spending your energy at the meeting looking at the door, looking at your watch and wondering if your guest is coming or not coming or just late, don’t give them the address until they have committed to come.

If someone gives you a wishy washy answer, say this, “When you know for sure if you can make it, let me know and I’ll give you the exact address.” That way, if they don’t call, they won’t have the address and you won’t wonder if they are coming. You can instead put your energy and focus into the meeting and to your others guests that did make it. If they need to know where the appointment is for travel arrangements, just tell them the date, the time and the general intersection.

2 more that I forgot to say in the video

4. Have them bring something.
If you are having a home business presentation or a home party. Have them bring something: a bag of ice, a case of water, napkins etc.

They are more likely to come because in their mind you are “counting on them” to bring something. Otherwise, your party won’t have any ice and it will be their “fault”

5. Don’t make the meeting be a first exposure
The one thing worse than having a guest not show up is having a negative or uninterested guest show up. Read this blog post that really saves you time by only spending time with interested people.

One of the best ways to see if they are interested is to show them a company tool, or give them a product sample. If they are excited about the tool or the product, then not only will they come, they’ll be excited to come and may even bring guests. If they aren’t excited about the company tool or the product, then you probably don’t want them at the meeting anyway.

I would rather have a meeting with 5 interested people over a meeting with 5 interested people and 5 more negative people are uninterested. The interested people are likely to feel the negative people’s energy and it will affect their decision to join.

Create a great day!

Kenny Santos

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