6 Things You Can Do To Feel Worthy So You Can Fully Harness The Law Of Attraction

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One of the biggest barriers to wealth and success is the feeling of worthiness. Many of us feel like we must achieve success first and then we can feel worthy of success. But we must feel worthy first otherwise we won’t be achieve anything to feel worthy about. If you don’t feel worthy of success you will unknowingly self sabotage all of your efforts towards success. This will make us feel worst and we will feel even less worthy and self sabotage ourselves even more. I go into more detail in a past blog post that you can read about here: How To Stop (Unconciously) Self Sabotaging Your Success

So what are some things that we can do to feel worthy of success.

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1. Stop Comparing
What if we compared ourselves to our potential rather than compared ourselves to each other. If you are reading this and you have a bed to sleep in, food to eat and water to drink, your feelings of success and worthiness would feel different depending on whether you compare yourself to someone who is homeless vs someone who is a millionaire.

If you compared yourself to a homeless person, you might work just hard enough to make sure that you are at least doing better than they are.

But if you compared yourself to your potential, then you would more likely to push harder and achieve higher.

How tall does the tree grow? As high as it possibly can! ~Jim Rohn

A tree just does it’s best. It doesn’t merely do enough to do better than the other trees. It also doesn’t get discouraged if another tree is bigger. It simply grows as high as it can.

2. Help Others
When you help others, you get a feeling of accomplishment. You also get a feeling of belief. Both are needed in order to feel worthy. When you help others you feel more worthy of success. You just have to ride that feeling into more action and that action will bring more feelings of worthiness.

How can you help others? Look for opportunities to serve. If you don’t have money to give then give your time. Often spending your afternoon serving food to those less needy feels more fulfilling than writing a check.

Watch the video to see 3 more things that you can do to feel worthy so you can harness the law of attraction and I’ll give you the 6th one afterwards.

6. Be Grateful
I recently blogged about priming your emotions so that your your visualizations are more powerful. You can read about it here: Your Newest Favorite Law of Attraction Life Hack That Will Simply Bring You Results.  It works the same way for worthiness.

The more grateful you are the more worthy you feel. Try this right now.

Imagine one of your biggest blessings. Something that you are incredibly grateful for that brings you a lot of emotion.
Now, are you lucky for that?
Incredibly lucky right?
If the Universe (or God) thought that you were worthy enough for that then why wouldn’t you be worthy enough for more success?

Simple and powerful isn’t it?

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