6 Words That Will Make You More Successful in Network Marketing

3 wayMany of us in Network Marketing often think that we need to know every thing before we take action.
We think that we need to do everything because this is our business.

The best thing that we can do for our prospects is to show them how the process is easy to duplicate.

One of our best tools to show that is through using the 3 way call.


The problem with 3 way calling is that we know on a technical level how to do a 3 way call but we don’t know how do it effectively transition into a 3 way call when we are talking to our prospect.

We say things like:
“Please allow me to do a conference call with my double diamond ranked mentor”
“Would it be ok if I get my support team to answer that question?”

Those questions and words like that allow your prospect to say, “no”.
Most of the time, they are saying no out of politeness.
They don’t want to “bug” your upline.
Or it has created the resistance in your prospect as they DON’T want to be hard closed and that is exactly what they think is about to happen.

So, instead of asking them if you can get your upline, just use these 6 words instead.

“Can you hold on a sec?”

If you ask that, what are they thinking and what will they probably say.

They don’t know why you want them to hold on and they will probably agree to hold.

That is when you 3 way your upline mentor in.

It’s the easiest and smoothest transition that I’ve ever used to do a 3 way.

Once you have have your mentor on the line, you can just say something like.
“(prospect), you asked a couple questions about our business and the best person to answer it is (your upline), he is one of the leaders in (your city) and he can answer your questions better than I could.”

You should never answer a question for your prospect, if you can get your upline, a company tool or a testimonial story to answer it for you.  It make the process look easier to duplicate.

You might be able to do this business on your own but it’s so much easier and faster if you use your support team.

If my team used me more for 3 way calls they would have more success, I would have a larger business and I would be thankful that they are leveraging my knowledge and time.

I’m sure that:
1.  Your upline feels the same way.
2.  You feel the same way about your downline.

Create a great day!

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