7 min Mini Seminar on Closing for Networking

Many people that are in this profession, just don’t know how to CLOSE:
This script is from ERIC WORRE from Network Marketing Pro.

Immediately after an exposure ask this question:

“Let me ask you a question. On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being you have zero interest and 10 being you are ready to get started right now, where are?”

If they are a 6 or above do then 4 question close.

1. “Based on what you’ve just seen, if you were to get started with this company on a part-time basis, approximately how much would you need to earn per month in order to make this worth your time?”

2. “Approximately how many hours a week could you devote to develop that type of income?”

3. “How many months would you work those types of hours in order be able to get to x/month?

4. If I could show you how to develop an income of x/month, working y hours a week over the course of z months, would you be ready to get started?

Once you have that, then show them how do that using the compensation plan.

If you will learn this process and practice a little bit, you’ll find your results will improve dramatically

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