7 Non-Salesy Ways To Ask For The Sale Without Feeling Pushy

close-the-saleHow To Ask for the sale

Many network marketers are great at following a system.
They know how to invite, they do a great presentation and follow up but they drop the ball and the don’t ask for the sale.

They don’t want to appear to pushy and they are afraid of hearing their prospect say “no”. They like the idea of the possibility of a sale rather than losing it.

I’ve been in that state of mind when it seems like my prospect likes everything that they see and I’m just hoping that they will say, “I’d like to join!”

As you know sometimes even the most excited prospects don’t do that. They are more than happy to wait for someone to ask them to join. If you wait to long, then it gets “weird”.

Many Network Marketers don’t ask for the sale because they feel like they have to “get ready” to do it.
I’m an amateur magician so when it’s time for me to “do the move” I have to mentally psych myself up so that I can do it with confidence.

It’s the same when a young boy first asks his crush out on a date. He has to “get ready”

People can sense uneasiness
Just like a dog can sense fear, people can sense that you are uneasy about asking them something.
They don’t necessarily interpret it that you are nervous, they just may have a bad feeling and it can interfere with their decision to join.

In order to feel comfortable in asking for the sale, you must know what to say. Here are some suggestions that don’t feel salesy. I learn the first 3 of these from Ray Higdon

1 If you think there might be an issue about money.
Most closes start right after the presentation is over.
You’ve probably been taught to ask them what they like.

“What did you like most about what you saw?”

After they tell you what they like, agree with them and if you think that money might be an issue ask them this closing question:

“So this is great! Do you have the funds ready or will you have to raise them?”

This close preemptively counteracts the “I have no money” objection and also lets the prospect know that it’s ok if they don’t have the money.

Some people might think, wow, this seems great but I just don’t have the money so it’s not for me. This question changes their mindset. Instead of thinking, “I want to but it’s not for me because I don’t have the money”, they’ll think, “There are some people that are like me, they don’t have the money but they found it. I want to make a change.”

2. Super Strong Assumptive Close

This close works really well for someone you’ve built a lot of rapport with it also works well in a group setting with a group presentation.

This close also starts with asking the prospect what they like about what they saw.

Once they tell you what they like, put your hand up for high five and say,

“Cool, Are you ready to rock this?”

When they return the high five, give them the application form and fill it out with them. Don’t let them bring it home. I actually tell them how to fill it out. Put your first name here. Put your address here etc.

3. Fishing Close
This close is when you don’t know what your prospects concerns are.  Use this close to fish the answers out of them.

Sounds to me like you are ready to join!

When you say this, either they say yes and join or they might bring up some concerns.

4.  Help them Close Themselves
I like asking this question for someone that is analytical.

“Why would you do this?”

This makes them think of all the reason why they should do it and start their own business with you.

5.  The No Alternative Close
This is a great close for someone that really doesn’t like where they are right now.  They are hungry for change.   It helps them weed out the alternatives.  It also give them a sense of urgency that they need to something and do it soon.

“If you don’t do this, then what WILL you do?”

6.  The “Isn’t It Obvious Close”
These next 2 closes are great when it’s obvious from their energy and their enthusiasm that they want to join.  

“Looks like you see an opportunity for yourself.”


“The next step seems pretty obvious doesn’t it?”

Asking for the sale
Asking for the sale is a necessary part of the process.  If you really feel, that this is the right step for the prospect, then you should have to feel nervous or “get ready”.  It should come naturally.  The best way for it to feel natural, is to practice.  So practice these a lot and you find that you start using them without even thinking.

Create a great day!

Kenny Santos

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