8 Steps From Searching The Net To Doing Online Real Estate Investing

Does this sound like you? You’ve gone to craigslist.org, you’ve gone to realtor.com, you’ve looked at some of the beautiful homes on videos online, you’ve sent off some emails to realtors and owners; But, you still get cold feet about real estate investing. Part of you desires to make money in real estate. But, you’re tired of going through the same ritual and not following through. Here are some steps to move you out of your comfort zone.

First , you must realize that some of what you feel is real. Fear is real, skepticism is real. Often these feelings aren’t overtly apparent but are manifested by your inaction and “living out your dreams in your head”. The only way to move out of this zone is to take baby steps(but only for a while). Once you take a few steps your confidence will improve. Let’s begin.

To get over your fear of dealing with realtors, you will need to realize there are good and bad realtors in both small and large real estate companies. You will also need to realize that some realtors online do exploit those who are ignorant to real estate. But there are good realtors online as well. And the key is to find them.

Good realtors, just like you and other people in business, value their time. They are good realtors because they create quality time with their clients. Their clients appreciate the service they provide. If you want to become one of those clients, which is essential to building an investment strategy, you will need to do a few things.

First: Decide on what your goal is in real estate: do you want to move slowly? do you want to invest in several homes or just one begin with one ? how many homes would you like to invest in per year? or are you still at the stage where you only know a little and need help knowing what a realistic investment strategy is for you? Wherever you are: write it down. Wherever you want to be: write it down. You’ll be sharing this information with the realtor.

Second: Be honest about your strengths and weaknesses: are you ready, willing and able to invest in real estate? if so why haven’t you done it? write it down. If you’re afraid, write it down. If you lack money or have bad credit, write it down: You’ll be sharing this information with the realtor.

Third: Keep an open mind(Zen buddhism has an apt term called “beginners mind”) When you talk to the realtor listen to their words of wisdom. Stay aware of your feelings. Do you like this realtor’s ideas and input? Trust your intuition. Stay focused. Be humble . Be open to their advice. Trust your feelings and use your common sense.

Fourth: Demonstrate your commitment to working with one good trustworthy realtor. If you’ve followed the third step you will know who that is. Your commitment is shown by staying loyal. Most people run from one realtor to another: using these realtors to show them so many homes, because the average realtor can’t spend all day with you .(Realtors are aware of this strategy so don’t do this. It destroys your credibility.

Fifth: Think of working with a realtor as finding a partner to joint venture with, and also as a mentor who knows more than you do about the business. Take wise advice. Be aware: wise advice will benefit both “you” and the realtor.

Sixth: Realize that one realtor you trust is like money in the bank. Overtime, they will make your investing career easier. You will develop a trust for their decisions and advice. One more thing: if there is any property you want it only takes one realtor to access that information for you: because realtors can find access to all properties through Multiple Listing Services and share commissions with other realtors.So you need not feel that you must search out different realtors for each geographic area.

Seventh: Although email can instantly get you some type of information;it is only a first step. But, you’ll need to reach out and touch your realtor: the best way is through the telephone or face to face . You could email them first, better yet: call them and share those notes you jotted down.

Your first call could go like this: Mr. Williams my name is ——-and I saw your website and I want to find a realtor I trust to work me with on a real estate investment strategy. Do you have time in your day to talk to me, to mentor me, to help me find the right properties for my goals? I think I want to find a good deal to meet my income range and I’d like you to help me find the best location for my money. My credit is ————– but I’m ready willing and able to take your advice as to the best I can buy given my situation. If you don’t think I’d be a candidate for property investing, could you tell me why and what I can do to improve my situation? (STOP and LISTEN) Here is my address, phone number, email and would you add me to your mailing list and could you even send me some homes you think might work for me from your access to the multiple listing resource? When can I talk to you again so we can go over a strategy because I’m really dedicated to learning all that I can and to find out what resources you have available to help me with my real estate investing goals .(STOP and LISTEN)

Last Step: Relax and exhale. You’re on your way to becoming a real estate investor and finding a realtor partner who is looking out for you. If you have any other questions, comments or want advice please write or call me and I’ll answer.

Sandra G. Williams is the writer for Red Carpet Keim Will Cooperate Realty and believes in the company and realtor, Willie C. Williams, with over 50 years experience working with home buyers and investors ready willing and able to learn or do investing in Michigan or any another state or country . Our company is dedicated to working one on one with investors and establishing realistic strategies. Please visit our website (http://www.redcarpetkeimwillcooperate.com) for resources on investing and to get a glimpse of great deals available in Michigan. We’re not discriminating. We work with all people who are ready, willing and able to buy or invest in real estate.

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