A Lesson in Belief


MLM Success comes from a mix of things however the main ingredient is FAITH. Without it you can do everything right and you will still get annoyed with the results. It’s even taught in the film “The Empire Strikes Back” in the following clip

On the other hand if you have FAITH and even you do things wrong you will still get great results.
The best mix obviously is if you do the right things with FAITH for long enough and you will have the ability to live the life that others just imagine. In the book “Vibrational Cash Immersion” by Ray Higdon(found right here: http://www.amazon.com/Vibrational-Money-Immersion-Network-Marketers-ebook/dp/B00BGA49I2)
It mentions:

“It is not the how-to, however exactly how you do the how-to” At what level of faith are you doing those actions?

I invite you to find your FAITH. If there is somebody, somewhere in your company that is getting results from the item, service, settlement plan and even the training then that’s proof that it works. That’s all the FAITH that you need.

WOW !!!!

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