A Must Read Book For Procrastinators – The War Of Art

War of ArtHow To Get Started
In my last blog post I encouraged you to get started on your dreams even if you don’t feel ready yet. Read more about it right here: http://kennysantos.com/how-to-follow-your-dreams-even-if-you-dont-feel-ready/

This book comes highly recommended from many different sources. It’s called The War of Art by Steven Pressfield.

This book is designed to help procrastinators to take action.

Those of you that know me, know that I started my entrepreneurial journey in real estate investing. Real Estate over the long term tends to always increase in value so we always said this:

There are 2 good times to invest in real estate, the first is 20 years ago, the second is right now.

That saying doesn’t just apply to real estate investment, it applies to everything from chasing your dreams to writing a book to starting a project.

There are 2 good times to get started on your dreams. The first was in the past, the second is right now.

The War Of Art
The whole purpose of this book is to help you get over procrastination. In the book, Steven Pressfield refers to procrastination as “resistance”. Every chapter of the book stands alone and is complete the way it is. You can read any of the book’s chapters and be motivated to get started and take action on your dreams.

One of the most profound passages in the book is as follows.

… It’s the easiest to rationalize. We don’t tell ourselves, “I’m never going to write my symphony. Instead we say, “I am going to write my symphony; I’m just going to start tomorrow.

That’s all procrastination’s goal is. It just wants to stop you for just one day. It fights you one day at a time until you get frustrated and give up on your dreams forever.

Don’t Die With Your Music In You
I once knew a nurse that worked in the emergency room. She always had strange and unique stories of different incidents that she would encounter. Things like watching a squad of rough and manly bikers getting reduced to tears and crying like little girls because one of them got shot (non lethal) by a rival biker gang. And even more interesting, having some of the rival gang show up to the hospital to “finish the job”.

Everytime, I saw her she said that she would one day write a book of short stories about these incidents. She never started her book. She never even took notes of her adventures in the emergency room. I’ll bet that if she read Steven Pressfield’s The War Of Art, then she would have written and completed her book or at the very least she would have started.

Have you been procrastinating a project? Do you know that you should get started but can’t find the motivation? It doesn’t matter if your project is to write a book, learn a language or start a business. This book will help you start and more importantly complete your project. You’ll no longer have that monkey on your back and constant thought of “what if” on your mind.

This book is for anyone that has a project that they know they should start but for whatever reason they don’t. That means this book is for almost everyone.

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