Kenny Santos is a business owner and a real estate investor. He is also the founder of Bring the Game to Life: CA$HFLOW Club. He is a retired nurse and devotes much of his time to helping others get financially free.

Here is what people are saying about Kenny:

John Satini: Business Owner and Real Estate Investor

Kenny is the best he has mentored me throughout my journey towards success. He was one of my top five persons I wanted to interview when prompted to do so in the book “power of focus.” I’m extremely blessed to have someone like kenny in my financial, and spiritual life. I would advise all people to make a inteligent effort to learn from this man. As I say about those I love and appreciate, “one father, one mother, one Kenny!” Be successful what more can I say.”

Emmy Lou Killenger: Business Owner and Real Estate Investor

Kenny Santos is a great friend and bu
siness colleague! He is a phenomenal teacher and presenter of the Cash Flow 101 game. He understands how to take a new person playing for the first time and show them how to apply basic fundamentals of investing and creating cash flow in the game to applying them in “Real Life”. I love the cash flow game and suggest any one considering playing the game to join Kenny in this great opportunity! I personally applied the principles I have learned in the game and went from, Downsized to winning my CHEESE in real life!!

Alex D’Albini: Business Owner


I recently attended one of your cashflow events and was blown away at how smoothly the event went. We had about 20 people many of which had never met. You made everyone feel at ease. And most of all I was blown away by how much I learned about an ‘Investing mindset’. I will never handle money the same way. I want to thank you for your attention to detail and your patience with my ‘saver’ mentality.

Victor Shanti: Business Owner and Doctor MD

Like most, I thought the path to wealth was the narrow road of working a job, scrimping and saving, and buying my own home. After playing Cashflow 101, hosted by Cashflow King, Kenny Santos, I realize that the narrow path is the wide, crowded road most take to retirement poverty.By playing the game, often, the Kenny Santos way, even my 15 year old son can distinguish between a true assets, such as a cash flowing bubble gum machine, a true liability, like the home you own “free and clear” and doodads. If you think the sentence wrong, or odd, you need to play the game.We have discovered that the fastest means to real wealth is through the judicious employment of good debts that produce long term passive income. The more you play the game, the wealthier you can become in real life.

Christion Sadler: Manifest Money Management, former Steel Worker now Business Owner and Real Estate Investor
Kenny is one of the few CA$HFLOW 101 presenters that I know who truly practices the principles taught in the game. These events bring together a wide range of people. You will meet the people looking for success and you will meet very successful entrepreneurs. One of the things I like the most about Kenny’s games is that he always ends with a call to action, accompanied with tools to assist you. The connections I have made at these games are priceless. Where else can you spend a few hours with multi-millionaires’ simply learning how their mind works?

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Adam Berry: Real Estate Investor/Business Owner

Kenny Santos aka “The Cash Flow King”!

If you are a newbie or a seasoned veteran of the game, Kenny is the host for you. In all my years of playing Cash Flow at different events I have never seen a host with the enthusiasm and skills as “The Cash Flow King”. Kenny’s unique and entertaining style keeps the game flowing and full of fun. Kenny always has multiple games in progress at his events which makes the senergy in the room over the top! Because of Kenny’s skills, it keeps people coming back and has catapulted him to the top of all cash flow events and has dubbed him “The Cash Flow King”.If you have not seen Kenny in action, I would highly recommend you reserving a seat at one of his upcoming events. The seats always fill up fast so make a reservation today!-

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Daynia Johnson: Real Estate Agent, Mortgage Loan Officer, Real Estate Investor

Years ago I was invited to a friends home to play this game called “Cashflow”. To humor my friends I went and was actually surprised at what I was participating in. This was a game which helped me step outside the box and see things differently when it came to my financial future. Ever since that day I began taking measures to progressively work my way out of “The Rat Race” and into true financial success and wealth. So I jumped into the Real Estate industry in hopes that that was where I would achieve my financial success. And eventually came upon those through networking and yet again was invited to a “Cashflow Game”. Kenny Santos was the host of this evening event and I was blown away at not only his knowledge of the ins and outs of getting out of “The Rat Race” but opened my eyes on just exactly how to achieve that by putting those concepts into play. If you too desire to get out of “the Rat Race” then you absolutely need to be a participant at one of Kennys “Cashflow” events. The information and hands on event will change the way you think forever!

Dian Thomas:
TV Personality, New York Time best seller, Professional Speaker

Kenny Santos was a coaching client of mine. I attended his Cash Flow game and was impressed with his enthusiasm, energy and passion for learning. He freely shared his talent with those that came to learn how to develop their skills in Real-estate. I watched Kenny take concept that I taught and put them into immediate action to grow and support his business. Kenny is a true example of the “American Dream”, hard work, knowledge and action lead to success.

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