Helping Others

Here are some letters that I got from some homeowners after I saved their homes. I took their names out for confidentiality.

Dear Kenny,

We wanted to thank you for the patience, commitment, and professionalism with which you have handled our situation. We were devastated when we realized we were going to lose our investment property. We felt so foolish and were very scared about what we were in for.

From the very first phone call with you, our concerns were eased. You have been so compassionate during this whole ordeal and we know how difficult it has been. It seemed as if every day some new problem would arise, or we’d receive another phone call, notice, or letter from the bank, the attorney, or the courthouse. The first thing we would do is call you and every time you clearly explained what was going on and helped us understand what we needed to do.

We so appreciate the fact that you always took our calls–even when we called late at night or on weekends–or if you couldn’t take the call immediately you always got back to us promptly.

Thanks for not giving up on us, even when things didn’t look too hopeful. You and your team have been great, and now that the short sale has gone through, we thank you sincerely for giving us back our peace of mind!


I just wanted to thank you for what you have done for me and my family. As you know after my dad left, my mom was stuck paying $1200 a month for the house which was like 80 or 90% of her income. We were goning to lose the house for sure and my mom’s credit would have been destroyed for sure. Thanks to your help my mom is now paying $730 a month including insurance and taxes, and we can afford to keep our house. It took a while, but it saved our life pretty much. We are so very thankful that you came into our lives when you did and that you didn’t try to convice us to sell you the home. We are greatful for you Kenny Santos!



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