Amazing Things Start To Happen When You Stop Using MLM Hype

MLM HypeMLM Hype
One of the biggest reasons that there is stigma in the network marketing profession is that network marketers are known for using hype. When I say MLM hype, I mean saying stuff like this:

– scientifically proven
– doctor approved
– break through product
– scientific jargon
– ground floor
– save your spot
– this is easy
– best comp plan

What is MLM Hype?
So here is the definition according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

1. put on, deceive

2. to promote or publicize extravagantly

“Hype is the promise of results without knowing the interest level, desire and skill of the prospect.” ~Ray Higdon

Hype just has slimy type of feel about it.

Why Do MLMers Even Use Hype?
Many network marketers don’t realize that what they are saying is MLM Hype. They think that just because what they are saying is true then it isn’t hype. Even if they do have a clinically proven product that was invented by a Nobel prize winning scientist who teaches as a prestigious university, if they start telling that to everyone, then it’s still hype.

Network marketers use hype because they think it’s a short cut to get sales and sign ups.

The Results Of Using MLM Hype
Prospects are hearing the same or similar hype from other network marketers and they don’t know who is lying and who is telling the truth so everyone that is using MLM hype (whether it’s true or not) just gets put into the same group of people that they don’t want to do business with. If you were a TV they would turn you off or change the channel. Using hype simply turns your prospect off.

Hype makes you look desperate to all of the good prospects. It sounds like you are trying to convince someone to join. Using MLM hype takes away your posture. Check out these examples and ask yourself this:
Which one sounds desperate?
Which one sounds like hype?
Which one would a leader most likely join?
Which one would most likely attract someone who is lazy and wants a free ride?

Example A
“You gotta join and save your spot right now! This is a ground floor opportunity and you don’t want to miss out! We have a clinically proven product and the best comp plan. We will even build half of your business for you.”


Example B
After building some rapport and establishing some interest.
“Well, I have something that might be a good fit you. It’s not for everyone. It’s for people who are looking for some change and not afraid of working for success. Are you even open to seeing if you might match?”

The psychology behind each of the above examples is very apparent.

In example A, the network marketer is practically begging the prospect to join. They look and sound desperate and they will accept everyone and anyone.

In example B, the network marketer is qualifying their prospect instead of trying to convince them to join. They are holding their posture and they don’t sound desperate.

MLM Hype will actually help recruit some prospects but prospects that join because they hear and believe hype are more likely to leave and join another company when they get excited because they heard hype from somewhere else. Some people are in a scarcity mindset so they use hype because they think they can get sales faster.

The sales are faster in the beginning but they often plateau very quickly and the peak isn’t very high. It is not a short cut to success.

When you stop using MLM hype, you’ll actually start attracting and recruiting more quality prospects. Those prospects are less likely to quit and more likely to work and duplicate. The results are less likely to plateau and peaks are much higher and faster.

Not using hype is the real short cut to success.

Using MLM hype repels leaders and the people that DO want to work and attracts the lazy and the pretenders.

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