Are Facebook Groups Hurting Your Business?


Facebook Groups
Are Facebook Groups hurting your business and branding?
For many network marketers, facebook groups are hurting their business and the big problem is that they don’t even know that it hurting them.

How do Facebook Groups Hurt?
Facebook groups are a great way to get a community of people together of either like minds or common interests to discuss ideas and information. If you can build a big group together, you can build a great targeted audience that may become customers or may join your team. It’s not the groups that hurt people’s business, it’s the way network marketers approach groups.

When an amateur network marketer starts his or her new business, they are super excited. They love their product and they are anxious about their business and they want to tell everybody.
They best thing they can do is call people. However if they don’t know how to prospect, they are scared that they will say the wrong thing and push their prospects away. If you want to learn how to prospect effectively, get the free audio download of “Network Marketing Questions That Work.” You’ll be able to steer the conversation and get the right prospects to chase you and WANT to know more details about your business.

Since the amateur network marketer is scared to prospect and they don’t really know how to market effectively, they think,

“I’ll just make a group and add everyone I know to it! My product is so good (or my business is so amazing) that they won’t mind! They’ll be so glad that I added them!”

I’m sure that you’ve been added to a FB group that you have no interest in. It’s annoying.

Reality Check
It doesn’t matter if you add people to a group if it’s a charity or a business or a product. They won’t like it.

Your friends care about you but they don’t care about your business or about your new projects enough that they won’t get a least a little annoyed if you add them to a group without permission.

How to use Facebook Groups Effectively To Grow Your Business
Instead of adding people to a group invite them instead or share the group on your timeline. Give people a choice of whether they want to join your group or not. That way, you’ll know who is actually interested. If they join, then they are a potential prospect. If they don’t, then you don’t have to spend or waste anytime with them on a business level.

Good groups don’t mention the product or the company name. If it just looks like a group to sell something, most people won’t join. Instead of making a group about your product, make a group about your product purpose.

If you sell a weight loss shake, make group about weight loss tips:
-the types of foods to avoid
-the best exercises that burn fat
-the 4 fruits that make you gain weight.
-one of the tips could be to eat a good protein shake each day and you can suggest yours.

If you make a group about your product purpose instead of your product, you’ll get more traction. You’ll have people in your group that are interested in solving the problems that your product can solve instead of people leaving the group because they think it’s a big sales grab.

Create a great day!

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