This is why the “Greats”are so incredibly special


Gifted: A They really so special?
When I say “they” what I mean are the “Greats”
People that have lived extraordinary lives and even had movies or books written about them.

I’m making the argument that these “Greats” are NOT so special and that they are no more gifted than anyone else.
Saying that men like Ghandi or Martin Luther King are more gifted than us really takes away from how much work and effort they put into their greatness.
It also gives the rest of the world an excuse why they don’t have to put so much effort into becoming great.
“Of course Ghandi could do great things. He was gifted. I’m not gifted so I can’t do great things.”
Saying that Ghandi was gifted is a big cop out for you not to also strive towards equal greatness.

Are you willing to try on the possibility that these “Greats” are not more gifted than any of us but rather that they found their gift and that is why they are special?

Have you found your gift?
If the answer is no, then I invite you to keep looking for your gift.

Until you find your gift, your life isn’t truly happy.

Your life may be good, it might even be great but until you find your gift, your life isn’t as great as it deserves to be.

If you find your gift, your life will be in bliss.
You’ll end your day at work feeling fulfilled that you did a job well done and also you’ll be so inspired that you can’t go back the next day.
Finding your gift and becoming great, doesn’t have to be the fame that Ghandis, or the Michael Jordans of world have but it does mean living your life to your absolute fullest.

Why is it that most people don’t find their gift?
Most people don’t find out that they are gifted simply because they stop looking. They make a career decision when they graduate high school and enter university or college and they stick with that decision for the rest of their life.

When I was eighteen, I decided that I wanted to be a nurse. I spent 4 years in school learning how to become a nurse and then I spent 10 years after a nurse being a nurse. I was a good nurse. I was happy for a while. But it was not my path. I could have stayed being a nurse just like many other people stay on their chosen career path (the path they chose when they were 18 or in their 20s) but I chose to find my gift. ( I haven’t found it yet but I’m close)

It’s your duty to find your gift
You are gifted. If you haven’t found your gift yet and you choose the status quo, not only are you depriving yourself from greatness, you are also depriving the world of your greatness.
You might be the one to cure cancer or end world hunger. You might be the one that ends gender discrimination or climate change. Your gift could be to save someone’s life or inspire someone to live into their greatness. You never know how your gift may change the world.

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From my FB friend’s profile Sarah Camryn

It’s never too late to find your gift
You don’t have to listen to the decisions that you made about your career path when you were a teenager or even the decisions that you made an hour ago.
If you have to take some time away from your path, to take care of a sick relative or to raise your children or be at a job that you thought was the right path but it wasn’t, your gift and your purpose will still be there when you are ready.

It’s never too late to find and fulfill your true purpose.

Create a great day!

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