Attention Multitaskers: This Simple Test Proves That One Task At A Time Is Faster!

one task at a timeOne Task At A Time

Are you someone that multi tasks?
Most entrepreneurs do. We just want to get so many things done.

I’ve heard that focusing on one task and completing it before moving on to the next one is actually faster than working on different tasks at the same time but I never had concrete proof of it until now.

A Simple Experiment
I recently heard of a simple experiment that you can try.
Take a piece of paper and and a pen and time yourself doing these 2 task:

1. First write this sentence: Is focus faster than multitasking?
2. Next on another line, write down each number between one and 30 in ascending order.  I picked 30 because that’s how many letters are in the first sentence.
Like this: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, ….. 29, 30

Next time try to write each task at the same time.
Alternate between lines writing just one character or number.
On the first line you’ll write the “I” then on the second line you’ll write the “1”.
Then you’ll go back to the first line and write the “s” and on the second line you’ll write the “2”. Then the “f” and the “3”. Then the “o” and the “4”. And so on.

My Results
I tried it out and it took me 46 seconds the first time. and 67 seconds the second time.

That’s a difference of 21 seconds!
21/46×100 = 45%

It took me 45% faster longer to multi task rather than focus. That’s a considerable difference isn’t it?

Follow One Course Until Success
As an entrepreneur, it’s difficult for me to focus. I’m used to multi tasking and working on different things at the same time but after doing this I realize that it’s faster to focus on one task at a time. It might not always be 45% faster but what if it’s only 20% faster or 10% faster or even 1% faster?
Focus is an acronym that stands for:

“FOCUS: Follow One Course Until Success” ~John Lee Dumastweet-button

I invite you to try the experiment yourself and share the results.

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