Attention Struggling Network Marketers! Here’s How To Stop Following Unprofessional Uplines

struggling network MarketersStruggling Network Marketers
There are certain things that amateur network marketers do that turn people off and make the industry look unprofessional.

I must admit that I have done all of these things at one point or another but I now realize that if you want to look professional, get recognized as a professional and more importantly get paid like a professional, then you must act like a professional.

What are these unprofessional behaviors?

Hype sounds like this:
We have the best company, with the best comp plan! Our product is scientifically proven and it was invented by a nobel prize winning scientist who used to teach at the University of so and so.

The problem with hype is that you sound like a salesman. People tend to put up a wall when they feel like they are being sold. People don’t like to be sold. Even if what you are saying is true, your prospects won’t believe you because everyone else is making similar claims. People don’t know who to believe.

Putting Down Jobs
I’ve been super guilty of this. If you put down someone’s way of making a living, they won’t like you. If they don’t like you, then they won’t do business with you. This is true even if they think you are right.

Imagine, growing up being taught the sky is blue and it’s what everyone has taught you. Then some bozo comes a long and says, “The sky’s not blue! You are stupid if you think it is.”

You wouldn’t take kindly to that and neither will your prospects if you put down the idea that jobs suck.

The history of spamming has come in many forms: junk mail, auto dialing, cold calls, email blasting and also in the form of social media.

Spam in any form is simply not welcome to or from anyone. Spam may attract some people but it’s just like hype. It attracts a very low volume and low quality type of person. Spam also pushes away the real leaders and the professionals.

So what do you do if you upline seems to be doing every thing wrong and making your opportunity look unprofessional.?

Don’t Give Them Advice
If you try to give your upline advice on how to market, they won’t believe you.

If you say something like,

Let’s act more professional, I don’t think that people like it when we tell them that their jobs suck and they get turned off when we use hype and spam.

They will simply ask you this,
Ok smart guy!
What kinds of results have you gotten?
That’s what I thought!
Just do what we are doing.

Make Success By Being Professional
Instead of trying to convince your team and your upline into being and acting more professional with words, you should be an example and create success by being more professional.

Create credibility by using the techniques that are taught by leaders.

Learn how to prospect effectively by using the free audio download of Network Marketing Questions That Work. 

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Once you start creating success, your upline and other leaders will come to you and ask you what you are doing.

That is the time to teach them to be professional. If you upline is open minded, they may even give you the platform to teach at the next training or if they aren’t open minded, then it might be time to set up your own team trainings so your organization doesn’t get mislead.

If your upline is teaching you to be unprofessional then you don’t have to follow their lead, you can do what you know works and build a successful, prosperous business.

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