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Real Estate Investing

Introduction: Real estate is a business, where the realtors will be dealing in an immovable property, like land, buildings. Real estate is also called as immovable property where it deals in a permanently fixed property. It is also considered as real property or realty. There are two ways of starting the real estate, one understanding […]

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Real Estate Investing Total Asset Protection – Real Estate Investing Total Asset Protection Guide

Despite soaring oil prices and the fact that many say the economy isn?t so strong, real estate is hotter than ever. It seems like everyone is getting involved in real estate, and for many investing in real estate is a lucrative money-maker. But isn?t real estate investing tricky? Can you have total asset protection when […]

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How Does Real Estate Investing Work

A question often raised by brand new real estate investors, and those who would like to be, is ?How does real estate investing work?? I will attempt to provide you with a brief overview in this article, and hopefully you will have a better understanding of real estate investing and how you might become involved. […]

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Equity Discount Real Estate Investing

Consider these parameters for a real estate deal: Property Value: $250,000Purchase Price: $160,000Repairs: $2,500 If you analyze the numbers, you see that the equity available in this deal is $87,500 (Property Value minus Purchase Price minus Repairs). So here’s a hypothetical question for you: Assuming that the information above is accurate, and the property is […]

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