Be You

This is a FB update from one of my coaching clients:

I had to share it.

People will always think they know what’s best for you.
People will always think they know better than you.
People will always think that you couldn’t possibly be as intelligent, or know or have experienced as much, or see things the way they can see them.
People will always judge you and swear that they aren’t because they don’t even realize they’re doing it.
They truly think they are looking out for you.
They don’t care if you’re really happy, they only care that you are living in a way that they can conceive of you being happy.
They are only happy when you fit into their idea of “happy”.
Let em.
The people who really love you and know you best won’t just tolerate you and the things that you choose to do and be.
The people who love you and really know better, will know that the only person in the world that knows what is best for you is you.
And they will always support you, honestly and wholeheartedly, not by default. No one who truly supports you talks or thinks about how they think you should be doing or being something different than what you are once you’ve left the room. Too many people think they’re supportive when they’re not.
Let the arrogant be arrogant, even and especially if they disguise it as care, because they probably do care and just haven’t learned that criticism for any reason never equals care.
So let them be, as you wish to be let be.
Don’t just tolerate them as they tolerate you, love them for being where they are and let them decide what’s best for them in this moment.
Don’t judge them back.
Don’t feel like they know less, they just know different, like you know different.
They are giving you the gift of helping you decide who you really are in the face of it.
Let it go.
You are the only one that has to believe in you.
No one else has to live your life but you.
Don’t play by everyone else’s rules, you don’t want their lives anyway!
Be brave.
Be innovative.
Be new. Be you.
Keep on keeping on my friends!

Love, peace and strength

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