Beginning Real Estate Investing

Never before have so many people, from all backgrounds and circumstances, investigated beginning real estate investing. If you have ever thought about buying and selling property for profit, or even if you’re just curious, this article is for you.

There are several different paths to beginning real estate investing, but I’m going to suggest one simple, easy to follow, step-by step plan that has worked for many investors, and made lots of people wealthy.

When thinking about beginning real estate investing, you need to have a goal. Think about what you want to accomplish, and what you want to get out of your investing activities. Creating a detailed goal plan is half the fun of beginning real estate investing.

Next, look for your local Real Estate Investor’s Association (REIA) and start attending their meetings. You should find lots of other folks who are beginning real estate investing, but you should also find many experienced investors. Go out of your way to get to know them all.

In the investors group, look for someone you think would make a good mentor. You’re looking for someone with experience doing the kind of investing you want to do. Make sure it’s not someone who is just beginning real estate investing, but a person with some real experience.

Ask that person to mentor you, and offer to help them in return. Tell them you’ll be happy to bring them deals if they’ll teach you what to look for. Explain that you may be just beginning real estate investing, but someday soon you’ll be in a position to help them if they’re patient with you.

At the same time, you should be getting to know others who can help you with beginning real estate investing. People like Realtors, bankers, contractors, and others all can become valuable team members as your investing activities expand. These valuable relationships are just like money in the bank- wait and see!

Last, but certainly not least. Read and study everything you can get your hands on, especially free and low cost information available on the internet. Find a couple of sites that you really like, and spend a lot of time there. Read the authors who have done what you want to do. Of course it helps if you like their writing style.

Follow the steps I’ve outlined above, and soon you’ll be among the ranks of those who call themselves Real Estate Investors. You can find a more detailed guide on Beginning Real Estate Investing at my website.

Now, go make more offers!

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Tom Dunn is a successful real estate investor and author of the popular DealFiles Real Estate Investor Stories free newsletter. You are welcome to share this report, unedited and in it’s entirety, with anyone you like. You may not remove this text.

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