Better Done Than Perfect

MLM success escapes many in the profession simply because they procrastinate. One of the biggest reasons for the procrastination is because they want everything to be perfect.

This Christmas Eve, a lot of the Toronto area was without electricity. Many members of my family including myself, my parents and my cousins were and still are affected as of the Christmas Day. It’s been 3 days. Christmas dinner was planned at my parents house. We didn’t let the fact that they had no power affect our dinner plans. The family gathered and brought food. It was dark. So we lit candles. It was cold so we wore extra clothes. It was wasn’t perfect. But we did it and we had a wonderful time. We will remember that Christmas forever. gifts

christmas dinner

Here’s something you already know.

They don’t do a home party because they might think there house isn’t nice enough or they think they can’t get enough people.
They don’t do presentations because they think that they will make a mistake.

Don’t wait for conditions to be perfect. If you do you will never take action and you will never get anything done.


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