Beyond Big Bucks and Bikini Babes The Most Important Thing In Business

When people come to a Network Marketing Opportunity, they often join because of the possibility of living a life that only others dare to dream of.

They join because they see a system where they can make some serious money and have a much better lifestyle for themselves and for their family.

Why do they come and why do they stay?

They come for the money but they stay for the feeling. The feeling of family. The feeling of community.

If you take away all the money, the cars, the houses, the fancy dinners and the free trips then what are you left with?

For me, it’s some of my closest friends. Many of these friends that are closer to me than family.
Friends that I can call at 2:30 am if I need something. Anything.

I know this to be true because there was a time when I was “living large” but due to huge mistakes that I will not get into on this post, I lost everything.
When I say everything, I mean everything. All of my material possessions,the cars, the houses and even my marriage. For a little while I lost all hope.
Outside of my immediate family, the only people that I felt comfortable going to was my Network Marketing family.
Without them I wouldn’t have made it. I thank you for being there for me.You know who you are.

Even though I moved on from that company, I still feel very close to those people and also others from the ‘old gang’ today.Thank you for our continued friendship You know who you are.
In the company that I’m with, I know that in my personal organization (downline) I have close friends that will do ANYTHING for me. And vice versa. To your, I thank you.You know who you are.
In my support team (my upline and crossline) I have the same thing.Thank you. You know who you are.
This sense of closeness doesn’t just remain within the boundaries of the company that I’m with now but also some contact that I have met through networking events or just stumbled upon. Even though were are in different companies, we are still in the same profession and we maintain great personal relationships. Thank you. You know who you are.

More than the money, these relationships make us wealthy.
As a matter of fact, I’ll argue that if you have a big organization in Network Marketing and you don’t have relationships like these in your business, then you aren’t doing it right.
You are not truly successful.
Actually your success in Network Marketing will be very short indeed if you don’t develop these relationships.

I imagine with the fall of companies like FHTM, Zeek Rewards, and others that many that had the close relationships that I’m talking about have been able to go on and form strong teams in other businesses while many that were just “all about the money” have floundered.

“Love the people and use the money, don’t use the people and love the money.”~unknown

The issue here is what you as an individual do, and if you are reading this blog that already speaks volumes, otherwise this would be of no interest to you.

So what does loving people mean?
Doing everything for them and making sure that they succeeed?
Calling them everyday to see if they worked the business?
That’s very disempowering.

It means accepting people just the way they are inspiring and empowering them to reach their goals and aspirations.

Having your first $10k month in Network Marketing is wonderful but it doesn’t hold a flame to the feeling of hearing a thank-you from someone that you’ve helped make their first $10k month. Especially when there is sincere gratitude in their voice, a smile on their face and tears in their eyes.

And f it has not happened already, that’s when a hand shake turns gets replaced by a hug.

If you think that I’m talking about you in this blog then just know that I love you and I thank you for being part of my journey.

I invite you to share comments or feedback below. Have you had a chance to develop close relationships in business and has it made you both spiritually and physically wealthy?

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