Book Review: Many Miles To Go

Many Miles To GoMany Miles To Go
Brian Tracy is a well known sales trainer and author. He has written many books that you might have heard of like “Eat That Frog

I was lucky enough to stumble upon on of my favorite books and it is also another book that I read at least once a year.

Of course, it’s my favorite kind of personal development book that teaches some great principles of life but is also a wonderful story.

The book is called “Many Miles To Go
Many Miles To Go

I don’t think that this book is very well known because one day, I lost my one and only copy and I had a hard time finding it at the book store or online. The book is easier to find now but back when I was looking for it, it seemed to be hard to find item.

This book is about a young Brian Tracy and his friends and their journey from North America to Europe and eventually to Africa.

Back then Brian wasn’t the wealthy, successful businessman that we know today. He had a lot of obstacles that slowed his journey that included lack money, no transportation and a giant desert that separated Northern Africa from the south.

Brian and his 2 friends had to get very resourceful on their travels. Brian had to work on a boat so he could cross the Atlantic and they decided to bike across Europe and camp in tents on the side of the road to save money.

The great part about this book is at the end of every chapter, Brian goes into to details about the obstacles that he had to overcome and he shows how they relate to the business and entrepreneurial world. It’s a brilliant book!

As this is one of those books that I read once a year, I highly recommend it.
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