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The Final SummitThe Final Summit
What if you read an incredible book that you got a lot of value and also got a lot of information from and then found out that the author had written and incredible follow up to that book?

That’s what happened to me when I discovered The Final Summit  by Andy Andrews. A couple weeks ago I did a book review for “The Traveler’s Gift” you can read it here:

In the Traveler’s Gift David Ponder who is at a very low pint in his life with a sick child no money and no job has the opportunity to learn the Seven Decisions from famous characters in history. The Final Summit picks up years later when David has had a chance to apply the 7 decisions that he has learned and really grow in his success only to find out that there is an 8th decision to learn.

The reader gets to meet more famous characters from history and learn some valuable information from them.

One of the things that I like from both of these books is the historical accuracy. Obviously, the main stories are not historically accurate however, many of the characters histories are. Not only do you get to learn valuable lessons from all of the characters but you also get to learn a part of their journey. You get to learn some of the obstacles they have over come and some of the actions that they have taken in order to become great.

These books benefit greatly from Andy Andrews’ vast knowledge of famous characters in history because he has read so many biographies. This is a great way for Andy to pass some of that information. on to us and invite us to learn more about these famous character instead of of saying, “You don’t know about the life of so and so? You should read their biography.”

Andy Andrews has written another fabulous book and it’s definitely another one of his books that I highly recommend.

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