Book Review: The Little Things by Andy Andrews

Picture1The Little Things
As you can imagine from reading my blog posts and watching my videos, I love to read personal development books. After reading hundreds of books and dozens of authors, I’m loud and proud to say that Andy Andrews is my favorite author. His books really resonate with me.

While I love to read personal development books, I love to read personal development books that are also stories even more. Books like The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho or Life’s Golden Ticket by Brendon Burchard. That’s what Andy’s books usually are. They are feel good stories that also teach personal development.

Andy’s latest book The Little Things isn’t one of them. I was hesitant to read Andy’s latest book because it isn’t like his other books.

Andy’s latest book isn’t a story.
It’s instructions about thinking.
Not what to think.
But how to think.

Each chapter of The Little Things is about one of those small things that we don’t really notice but often make a profound difference in our life if we paid more attention to them.

As Andy reveals the little secrets in his book, he makes the lessons more interesting by showing examples of these truths from history and his personal life.

It’s a very profound book. Just read it. And get it by clicking here.

It’s a perfect gift for the anyone. Especially that person that seems to already have everything and you don’t know what to get them. When you buy the book, save yourself some time and money and buy a couple copies. After reading it, you are going to want to give some copies as gifts to friends and family members.
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