Broke Dad and MMA Fighter Loses Fight But Changes His Life In One Night

This story of a broke MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter named Ryan Benoit can teach us a lot about how quickly your life can change.
It is explained in the video but Ryan Benoit got an opportunity to fight in the UFC.
For those that don’t know, that is a big deal for an MMA.
He got the fight on short notice and the situation wasn’t ideal but he made it work.
He was broke so getting to the fight was an issue for him.
The fight was also not in his weight class so that was also an issue for him.
He wasn’t in fighting shape so that was another issue for him.

He still took the fight because of the opportunity that it represented.

He was hoping to make $16k for the fight if he won. That would represent 80% of his yearly salary.
He lost the fight and he was very disappointed but through a series of events his life completely changed and he walked away with over $100k.

Watch this video to here the rest of the story.

Read the full story here:;_ylt=A2KJ3CcwuLRSHTkAD6zwFAx

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The reason why I bring this is up is because your life can change in an instant.
You may be frustrated with your business but you never know how close you are to a complete change in your life.
You are one person away from an explosion.
You find one superstar and your business takes off. You advance ranks, you get recognized on stage you get the big bonuses and that momentum and excitement could set you up for life.
So when are you going to get back to work?

Don’t give up.
things can change

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