3 Things That You Need To Have On Your Business Cards

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I used to spend a lot of time and money trying to figure out what really goes on a business card.
I would wonder if I should put some sort of slogan or an inspirational quote on my business card. Should I put my companies logo? What should I put as my title? I spend too much time thinking about it and too much money printing new cards when I changed my mind. Until I realized this.

“It doesn’t matter what you put on your card. What matters is the type of impression that you put on your prospect when you talk to them.”

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3 Things That Are On My Business Cards
1. Name
2. Email
3. Phone number

That’s it. Pretty simple. Isn’t it. If they like you and want to follow up with you, they will call. If they don’t like you and they don’t want to follow up with you, then it doesn’t matter what’s on your card does it.

The Truth About Handing Out Business Cards
The truth is this. Almost no one will follow up.
How many business cards have you collected in the past 12 months?
How many have you actually called?
If you are like most network marketers, you haven’t called ANY.

Sometimes I “Forget”
Sometimes I conveniently “forget” my business cards when I’m at a networking meeting or prospecting. It’s not so important that they have my information. It’s much more important that I have THEIR information. That way I can call them and I do.
If I leave them my information without collecting their’s then all of the power is in their hands. I have to wait and hope that they call.

So now sometimes when I’m connecting with someone and they ask if I have a card, if I don’t think that they will follow up with me, I’ll just tell them I forgot mine or that I ran out. I do get in the habit of collecting their information and following up with them.

When you follow up, you are already making an impression on your prospect. Why? Because no one follows up and you are the only one that has called them.

Create a great day!

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