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The art of prospecting in network marketing is vital to learn because MLM Prospecting is the life blood of your business.
Effective prospecting in network marketing will make the difference between a thriving business and someone who is out of business.
If you start a business and just wait for the customers to call and for the orders to come in through your website, then you will be out of business very quickly.
This is especially true when you just starting your business.

I understand that there has been a big push lately to do attraction marketing and if you want to do attraction marketing, I certainly encourage it however, your business will not survive if it’s the ONLY thing you do at the beginning.

Will there be a time when you can just provide value with blog posts, videos and audios and people will reach out to you?
Yes there will be if you stick to it long enough but in the mean time you must prospect.

Where I started
When I first got started in this profession, I would go out to prospect.

I often wondered, “What are best places to prospect for network marketing?”

I would jump in my car and look at different businesses and tell myself that these would be great places to get customers. I would do that all morning picking out different locations that would be good to build my business.

I never actually talked to anyone at the beginning, I just picked out some spots.

I would spend the afternoon, figuring out what I could say.
I would also order business cards because “you can’t prospect without business cards right?” (wrong)

I would waste my time getting ready to prospect instead of actually prospecting.

The worst part was I thought I was “working my business” at least that’s what I would tell myself.

I eventually did get started was able to get some momentum going in my business.
I found out that it was easier to prospect at networking groups and just during my day to day activities like filling up the car, grocery shopping and running errands.

But I found an easier way to prospect.

The Easiest Place to Prospect is Social Media
You’ve probably heard the statistics. There are bajillion people on social media each and everyday.
All you have to do is reach out to them.
You don’t have to get shower, get dressed and brush your teeth to do so. You can do it from your laptop or even your smart phone.
You can doing while riding the train if you want to. Last night I even did it while I was out on a walk.

Secrets To Prospecting on Social Media
1. Don’t Be Spammy
I’m sure you’ve gotten a private message that was filled with a bunch of hype about an amazing product and opportunity with a link to find out more.
We’ve all gotten them.
They are annoying aren’t they?
Most people find them annoying too so don’t send them.
Will you actually sign anyone up with a spammy message that you copy and paste to all your friends? Actually you might. But they will be the type of person that will quit when they see another spammy message that someone else copied and pasted into a private message for them.

Instead of being spammy, learn network marketing prospecting questions that will help you learn how to find network marketing prospects.

2. Change Your Goal When You Prospect
When I would approach someone I had one goal in mind.
I wanted to sign them up. But I felt that it was an unrealistic goal.
So I changed my goal to have them look at the information.
That was much better but an even better goal is this.
Find out if they are open.

“I was relentless to find people who were open, I was never relentless TO people.” ~Ray HigdonTweet: I was relentless to find people who were open, I was never relentless TO people.~Ray Higdon @rayhigdon @kennysantos

If you want to get really proficient with social media then I suggest jumping on this free webinar  called “How to Double Your Team Using The Power Of Social Media” by Jessica Higdon.
You are going learn…

-The #1 Mistake most people make on social media that is turning away qualified prospects
-3 Questions to get someone to ask about your business
-How to get someone from social media to the phone/skype for better closing
You can jump on the webinar for free right here.

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Kenny Santos
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If you need some mlm prospecting scripts that work both onine and off line, then get this free audio mp3 called “Recruiting Questions That Work” You’ll learn some great questions that are designed to get the right prospects to chase you and WANT to know more details about your business.

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