Change your life in an instant

Often it seems that all is lost and you no matter what you try, you can’t change your situation.

There is a way to change everything in an instant it’s not magic and it’s something that everyone can do.

It’s your attitude.


When there is a black out and the power gets shut off, the adult might think “Now I have to find the candles and how will am I ever going to cook dinner and how will I keep the kids warm.  This is going to suck.”

However the child might think this, “Wow, this is fun!  We get to use candle just like at a birthday party and we get to cook dinner in the fireplace just like camping and I get my own flash light and I also get to sleep in my sleeping bag in the bed under the covers and to top it all off the freezer isn’t working so I get to have ice cream because otherwise it will melt!  This is amazing!”


When you change your attitude, granted, your situation will not change but just like in the above example, your experience of that situation will change and if you can turn things around and look for the bright side then you have it made.


If you are grumpy simply because things are going badly, then you are the victim of circumstance.

If you are happy because things are going your way, then you are still a victim of circumstance.


When you can master your emotions no matter what the situation you’ll see great thing change in your life.








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