Compensation Plans and Company Momentum Don’t Matter… Here’s Why

personal momentumMLM Training: Why Your Company’s Compensation Plans Or Your Company’s Momentum Don’t Matter.
I used to think that a company’s compensation plan matters. To a degree it certainly does. But it only matters if you are building a team and selling product.

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Making Money In Network Marketing
Money is made in network marking by selling product and by building a successful team that sells product.
So if you don’t sell product or build a team, you won’t make money.
It doesn’t matter if your company is going through momentum or has the “best” compensation plan if you aren’t being productive.
I’ve seen (I’m sure that maybe you have seen as well) many people talk about how amazing their company’s compensation plan is but they hardly make any money because the weren’t able to recruit and sell. They talk about getting certain bonuses or going on trips or getting a car but they aren’t able to achieve any of that because what matters isn’t the comp plan, it that you work the comp plan.

I’ve also seen (I’m sure that you have too) seen a company that is going through “momentum phase” and hit “critical mass” but still many of the network marketers fall behind. Why? Because they just don’t know how to recruit and sell.

What matters most
What matters most isn’t the company’s momentum, it’s your personal momentum. If you have momentum, you’ll be recruiting and selling and you’ll be able to create a great income and a great lifestyle for yourself.

If your personal momentum picks up, you’ll be able to get all of the bonuses that your comp plan promises, go on the trips and drive the free car.

If you don’t know how to get momentum and if you don’t work your business with the specific steps to gain momentum then you’ll get very frustrated.

That’s why most 95% of Network Marketers quit!

Don’t chase momentum or look for a better compensation plan, they just don’t matter that much.

Create a great day!

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