Consistency is easy if you do these 3 things

consistencyMLM Prospecting: How to stay consistent
When it comes to becoming really successful at MLM prospecting nothing can make you more successful than persistent, consistent action.
Often Network Marketers will study courses, read books, watch videos or listen to audio in order to improve their results when they are MLM prospecting.

Real learning and real results don’t happen in the library, they happen in the field.

So how do you stay consistent in your MLM Prospecting?
There are 3 things that you can do to be consistent.
1. Set minimum “good enough” goals for each day
2. Make your daily goals realistic
3. Track your progress

Setting Daily Goals
If all you did was prospect 1 person a day, you would be prospecting 30 people a month. I’m willing to bet that’s more than what 90% of network marketers do ALL YEAR LONG.
I’m not suggesting to prospecting only one person a day but it does give you a better picture of how much work you are actually doing (or not doing)
It’s important to set minimum to do list of tasks that you will complete each day to grow your business.
An example of this could be:
a. Prospect 5 people
b. Read an personal development book for 15 minutes each day
c. Get 10 new leads
d. Do 2 presentations

What ever your activity, when done consistently everyday, will lead to massive results.

Make your daily goals realistic
Often network marketers will get inspired because they just attended a motivating training or watched a video on Youtube and they set unrealistic activity goals.
I’m gonna make 100 calls a day for the next year!
But the daily activities lare so big that it’s very difficult to do one week, let alone an entire year.
It’s always more effective to set realistic daily goals and be open to increasing them after a week or a month if they are too low than going “BEASTMODE” and burning yourself out after a couple days or a couple weeks.

Track your progress
Whenever you do your daily minimums, track it in a book or a calendar. Once you start doing it for a couple days or a week, you get some (small) satisfaction and you don’t want to break the cycle.
You’ll also start to see some results in your business too.

If you are consistent about your MLM prospecting and the other income producing activities in your business, you’ll be more satisfied with the work you put into your business. It’s a great to reap rewards but it feels so much better to reap rewards for a job well done.

Create a great day!

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