Creative Visualization For Beginners

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Creative visualization may sound all fuzzy, new age and far-fetched to you.
Many of the world’s top athletes use creative visualization to mentally prepare for their sport.

So, if you can put aside your doubts for a moment and give it a try, the results of your creative visualization exercise could surprise and delight you.

Creative visualization involves the use of mental images to project the achievement of a particular task, performance or any desired outcome. The key here is the fact that your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between the images that it is feed during the creative visualization process and reality. As such, perfect outcomes can be created in your own mental lab and used to increase your levels of self belief and confidence.

Of course the only way that you can “see” for yourself what creative visualization can do for you is to give it a try.

Here are some steps to get you off the mental imaging starting block

1) Recall A Strong, Positive Memory
You can make this positive memory as racy or inspiring as you like- nobody else will know anyway. For example, recall your graduation day or the birth of your child is the kind of strong, positive memory that I am talking about.

What you want to notice is “how” you recall the memory.

Are you able to see the past events in full color, do any scents come to mind or can you recall some of the words that you said with only a vague recollection of the actual event? What was the feeling you had surrounding this event?

Use your dominant areas of recall to model your first visualization exercises. Ie. Which of your 5 senses are most memorable when you recall the event?

2) Start With An EASY First Visualization Exercise
Now that you’ve recalled your past, mentally project a future event or reality based on an aspect of your daily life that you can easily recall.

For example, you can visualize yourself reaching the office on time in your favorite blue shirt or feeling great while doing your usual morning exercise.

3) Practice Daily
For best results, you really should practice your visualization on a daily basis, preferably at a time and place where you will not be interrupted for at least ten minutes.

4) Set Clear, Short-term Goals For Your Creative Visualization Sessions
Seeing some early success from your visualization sessions will inspire you to keep on practicing. You can easily use visualization to start to develop new habits such as being punctual or being calm with a rude customer by mentally repeating these desired new behaviors in your sessions.

I make sure I set intentions and visualize the outcome of those intentions almost every day. For example, you can do a short visualization prior to making a tough phone call, or to set your intention for the outcome of a business meeting.

You’ll be surprised what an amazing difference setting short-term intentions and doing your visualizations along with these intentions really makes. Try it! I promise that the outcomes you begin to receive in your life with be a lot more positive for you.

5) What A Glorious Feeling!
Allow yourself to truly feel positive emotions such as joy, pride, excitement during your creative visualization exercise. The strong feelings you experience while performing your visualization exercises raise your vibration to act like a magnet to draw the desired imaged results to you faster. Like so many other worthwhile activities, the more time and energy that you invest in creative visualization, the more personal benefits you will be able to enjoy.

Do you practice creative visualization yourself? If so, do you have any tips that you’d like to share that help you “get into the zone” when visualizing?

Feel free to leave your valuable comments below…

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