Crush it

Great Status Update today from a FB friend name Gerry Schroeder, he is Master of CHI (Character, Honesty and Integrity)
Find him on FB.

What does your week look like? Don’t give up on anything you believe in. Don’t buy into the idea that failure and success are opposite ends of the spectrum. You either achieve one or the other. Always think this way and understand that they can actually be part of the same, longer-term process. A process that eventually and inevitably results in winning BIG! In my opinion, failing or making mistakes is just another step closer to your success goals. Edison knew that every time one of his light bulb prototypes blew up, he was that much closer to success than to ultimate failure. He knew that if he had enough failures (and he had thousands), that he would reach the right answer. So don t give up on your dreams. You never know when you might hit on that right answer.

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