Do These 2 Simple Things If You Need Help Motivating Your Team

Motivating Your TeamMotivating Your Team
What if all of your present and future down line was either just as productive or even more productive as you are?

What if each of your downline duplicated themselves and recruited at least recruited 2 people?

What they each got 2-10 more customers?

How would your business change?

You would probably make more money , advance rank, qualify for more reward trips and get recognized on stage with awards.

The 80\20 Principle
If you are like most, then only about 20 percent of your team is truly motivated. The rest are just there. Most of which aren’t even active and don’t even have their auto ship.

It would be nice to figure out how to get at least some of the 80% to become productive.

If you are like me, you tried to motivate your team through training. I remember thinking that my team just doesn’t know what to do. So I set up some weekly training calls and Saturday training sessions to help motivate and inspire my them.

People came to the trainings but they still weren’t more productive. So then, I recorded the calls and the training sessions so they could review them whenever they wanted.

And… You guessed it!

They still weren’t more productive. So what could I do?

Here are 2 ways:

Motivate Through Actions And Results
Do what you would like your team to do.

If you want your team to prospect more, then you should prospect more.
If you want your team to expose more people to the business then you should expose more people to the business.

When I first started this profession, there was a little bit of a lull in business and it flat lined across the board. I still hadn’t built my team yet but I was still going to all the presentations and trainings but the numbers had reduced significantly. Then out of the blue, one of the quiet ones that was cross line from me started to gain some momentum. She started off with a $5k month, the next month she made $10k and then $40k! Her name was Emmy Lou.

All of a sudden, everyone else started to work too. They started to believe again. People are more motivated by example and inspiration than they are by trainings.

This is why having your team attend regional and international trainings is so important. It’s important they go there to learn but it’s more important that they go and hear the stories so they can get inspired.

If you start building and gaining momentum, then the ones in your downline that are “motivatable” will also start to take action. The others (y’know the ones that don’t get motivated by seeing results by you or others) will never get motivated so let them be.

There is another way to motivate your team and I explain in the video:

So those are 2 great ways to motivate your team.
You’ll never get 100% of your team to take action and become productive, but what if instead of having the typical 20% of your team being active and productive you could raise it to 25% or 30%. Magical things could happen in a very short period of time.
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