(Do Yourself A Favor) Focus On These Types of Prospects and Teammates

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MLM Team Building

The types of prospects and the types of team mates you should be focusing on.
Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve reached a plateau in your team building?
It seems that no matter how many people you recruit, your team doesn’t grow because all of your recruiting efforts are going towards replacing team members that have quit rather than actually growing your team.

The Big Mistake In Team Growth
One of the biggest mistakes in team growth is trying to recruit everybody and then trying to keep them from quitting once they get started.

Remember, you don’t want everyone on your team.
You want the hungry rather than the needy
You want someone who is ready to work rather than the lazy.
You want the positive mind vs the negative mind.

If you try to recruit everybody, then you will have mix and of all personalities, even the ones that you don’t want on your team.

The great thing about attrition
Attrition is when people quit the business.
Why do they quit? They aren’t making as much money as they would like.
It’s more work than they expected.
It’s harder to grow a business than they thought.

The great thing about attrition is that the ones that stick around are the ones who are have the most passion, have the most faith and have the strongest reasons why they need to succeed.
The ones that don’t will just quit. It’s ok if they quit because you don’t want EVERYONE on your team. You just want the positive minded, hustlers. The others usually have a negative mindset that can “infect” your team.

Just like you don’t want to recruit everyone on your team, you also don’t want to keep everyone on your team.

Who should you focus on?
Focus on those that want success the most.
Don’t focus on those that need success the most.

There are many people that need it but they are expecting their business to be built for them. They think it’s a lottery ticket or a get rich quick scheme. These people are lazy and there just isn’t room for lazy if your team is going to be successful. If they show signs of quitting, don’t take it personally, don’t blame yourself and let them go.

A big red flag
Sometimes you have a prospect that seems really receptive and they are open to joining.
But when they join, they say something like this:
“This seems like a great idea! I’ll give it a shot. I’ll try it out.”

You don’t want someone that’s just going to “try”. Save your time and save their time.
If someone says, “I’ll give it shot, or I’ll try it out.” Requalify them. make sure they know that it’s going to take work.

Eric Worre gives a great example of someone that’s going to try and compares it an airplane take off.

When the airplane takes off, it can’t just “try” it can’t just go 10% or 50% power. In order for it to take off, it must go at 100% power. Full throttle. After it has taken off, it must ease back otherwise it will burn all of it’s fuel. So at that point it’s ok to go at a lower power.

In network marketing, if you want to get your business going, you have to work it with a full time mindset. You don’t have to quit your job and put all your eggs in one basket but when you are working your business, you have to really be doing income producting activities like prospecting, presenting and following up.
You can’t just “try” to work the business by procrastinating and pretending to work by studying your product or your compensation plan. If you just “try” your business will be just like the plane and it won’t take off.

Look for prospects who are hungry and work with team mates that are hungry.

Create a great day!
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