Don’t Forget This Step For More Sales And Sign Ups

targetDon’t Forget This Step For More Sales And Sign Ups

Do you or maybe someone on your team say they can’t find anyone to join.

There millions of people in our profession right now that haven’t found their first 2 people.

Trying to recruit everybody
The reason why most network marketers are unable to get sales and sign ups is because they are trying to recruit ANYONE and EVERYONE. That’s the great thing about network marketing, you don’t need any special degrees or credentials to join. While that is a great thing it gets many network marketers confused because they try to recruit anyone they can.

Just because you can recruit anyone and everyone doesn’t mean you should try to do so.

Be Picky
If you want to get more sales and sign ups, instead of trying to recruit everybody, find your target market. If you were selling chicken pot pies then there is section of the population that you shouldn’t be even trying to sell to. Who are these people?
– People who don’t like chicken
-People with don’t eat gluten
-People who are “too snooty” to eat rustic food

Who would your target market be in this case? Perhaps it could be a busy parent someone that loves a rustic home cooked meal, who eats meat and grew up eating pot pies but is either too busy or doesn’t know how to cook a chicken pot pie.

If you are thinking that everyone is your customer because everyone needs your product. You’ll get frustrated. Instead of thinking who needs your product.  Think of who wants your product.  If you are recruiting for a biz opp then  your ideal prospect might be someone that hates their job but is there simply because of economic necessity. If they knew of a better way they would eagerly do it. They have dreams of finally owning a house one day and being able to spend more time with their children.

3 Things To Be The Most Picky about.
This only applies to recruiting, not to product sales.  There are some qualities that you are looking for in a prospect.  Maybe you are looking for someone who is affluent.  Maybe you are looking for someone who is influential.   Someone has a good business sense.  Not matter what you are looking for, here are 3 things that you must be absolutely picky about.

1. Hungry and Ready For Change
If your prospect is happy with everything in their life, they have a great job, they enough time to spend with their family they have the house of their dreams, then you might have a tough time recruiting that prospect. Even if you manage to convince them to join they may not be motivated enough to work.
There also those that need it badly but they just don’t want it bad enough. They might be working 2-3 jobs and have no time to do they things they love. They could be in a world of hurt but it doesn’t hurt enough that they want a change. These people may need your opportunity but if they joined your team, they might not be motived enough to work either.

2.  Coachable and Teachable
Your prospect might be hungry but their ego’s might be too big to follow instruction.
Your company has a system. It might not be perfect but it does work. If your prospect won’t follow instructions, they will try to reinvent the wheel and come up with their own ways of doing things. Their way might be better. Or it might not work at all. More often than not, it work well. They’ll end up quitting and saying that your company (or MLM) is a scam.

3. Entrepreneurial Minded and Open To Your Opportunity
Find a prospect that is entrepreneurial minded and open to your opportunity is critical to their success in the business. If they don’t like the idea of having starting their own business and they would prefer to have a job then don’t recruit them.

If they are entrepreneurial and they are looking for a business but they don’t like yours, then don’t try to convince them that your business is for the best or for them. They might not like your business because they would rather promote a weight loss product vs an essential oil. Why they dont’ like your business doesn’t matter. You won’t be able to convince them otherwise. It’s like trying to convince someone that red is better than blue when their favorite color is blue. It doesn’t matter what you say, they’ll always like blue better. Someone that doesn’t like your business is more likely to fail if you convince them to join. If they don’t like your business, move on and talk to someone that does like your business. The one that does like your business is more likely to be successful when they join.

So once you have your target market, who should you prospect?
Start off by prospecting the people that are more likely to be part of your target market. If you are selling a weight loss shake, then propect the people that are reading the diet books at the book store or the people that are going to the gym. That way you’ll have more chance of reaching your target market.
But don’t prejudge anyone. when it comes to prospecting you can always talk to people that are more likely to be your target market but you could always talk to EVERYBODY. I know it sounds counter-intuitive but if you decide to talk to everybody, be picky and be quick to disqualify. If after talking to them for a couple of minutes, you decide they just aren’t a good fit then move on to the next person. Don’t try to make them fit into your business.

Prospect everyone but be quick to disqualify

So now that you know that you should prospect everyone, who will your target be? I would love to know in the comments below.

Create a great day!

Kenny Santos
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