Every Time You Make A Decision These 2 Things Happen

Making DecisionsMaking Decisions
All of our decisions even the those decisions that seem small have a profound effect on us.

When it comes down to it the main difference between someone who is a success and someone who isn’t lies within the decisions that they make.

Making decisions affect us in 2 ways. One is very obvious while the other one isn’t so obvious but it does make a lot of sense.

1. Decisions Shape a our Life
This is the obvious way that decisions affect our life. I first really understood the seriousness of our decision making when I first heard the Tony Robbins quote

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.”

Something as simple as deciding what to have for dinner shapes our life from a health, wealth and happiness standpoint. Choosing to eat hot dogs vs steak impacts the money you spend and your life style.
Choosing to eat healthy or not impacts your energy levels and whether or not you will have heart disease or diabetes.
Choosing to eat foods you like affects how you feel and impacts your happiness.

You’ve probably heard of the example of how choosing to hit the snooze alarm and sleep for another 10 mins can delay you just long enough to avoid (or cause) a traffic accident.

Every decision that you make impacts our future and shapes our story.

2. Decisions Shape Our Character
Every time we make a decision we get to choose the type of person we will become.
If you choose to act with courage, then you will become braver and it will be easier to act with courage the next time you make a decision. The opposite is true too, if you choose to act like a coward, then you are more likely to act like a coward the next time you make a decision.

If you choose to act with honesty, then you will have more integrity and you will be more likely to make honest decisions next time. The opposite is also true, if you choose to lie, then it will be easier for you to lie in the future.

If you choose to forgive, your heart will become more open and it will be easier for you to forgive in the future. If you choose to carry a grudge, then you will be less forgiving next time.

What time of person do you want to be?
Do you ever wish you were bolder, braver, smarter, more forgiving or an action taker?

If you want to change your character, it starts with the types of decisions you make and the habits you build.

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