Exposed: The 7 Excuses Our Brains Create That Keep Us From Success and Doing something about it

The human brain is so lazy when it’s time to do something about it that it will outright deceive us in order to postpone it.

Picture this. You’re on your way to your workplace. You’re pumped. You have all your goals and dreams unfolding right prior to your eyes … and you understand that when you get to your computer system, you’ll work like crazy. When you get to work, you end up doing anything else BUT work.

You begin reviewing your emails. A colleague welcomes you to grab a cup of coffee 20 minutes later, when you’re ready to do some real work, you find yourself doing some small tasks. There’s lots of time to do the hard stuff later, right?

Below’s exactly what happened. When you were in your comfort zone, your brain KNEW it didn’t have immediate action to take. Once it did, all enthusiasm was gone and you ended up going back to your everyday routine.

Your brain discovered great EXCUSES to feed you, getting rid of the preliminary state of flow which you were in and derailing you from your path to success. As soon as I expose them, you’ll be able to spot them in genuine time as they happen and change them with ACTION. Below they are.

Reason # 1: Yeah, I’ll do it in just a minute. Let me grab a cup of coffee.

This is by far the most common excuse for not doing something about it. Your brain is rewarding you with a benefit before you really do the work. When you see this happen, you HAVE to flip the script. Fast. Work first, the incentive comes later.

Reason # 2: I have to clean up first, my location is a mess.

This can happen particularly if you work from home. You brain is trying to trick you by making you do a simpler job. If you’ve reviewed Brian Tracy’s book, Eat That Frog, you understand you should constantly start with the most important task on hand, no issue how tough. Even if you don’t complete it, you’ll gain fantastic momentum from beginning it and working at it for a while.

Excuse # 3: Let me think about this for a little while much longer.

When this strikes you, ask yourself: have not I thought this with currently? Is there new info that might assist in making a better choice? If not, you’re most likely simply oscillating in between doing it and not doing it. You understand exactly what to do? Go for it!

Reason # 4: If I do this, bad things will happen.

Look, a bunch of the things we do hold bad repercussions. However if it’s something you know you have to do, the disadvantage should not be enough to stop you. Fear is part of life, whether you’re afraid to talk in public or you have strategy anxiety when attempting to fulfill a lady you such as. Often it’s best to simply neglect the sensible part of your brain.

Reason # 5: Ok, I’m completely unaware on whether I should do it. Let me simply ask somebody and if they state I ought to do it, I’ll do it!

Requesting a consultation is usually a good concept. Individuals more skilled than you can provide valuable understanding that will help you make better decisions. But understand this: nobody can make a decision for you. No one can act for you. Nobody can prosper (or fall short!) in your location.

Reason # 6: Let me do it but, at the same time, I’ll keep an eye out on this other thing, so I can be more productive.

Typically, this “various other thing” is easier and even more pleasurable. That’s why you wish to do it. You end up concentrating 80 % on something unimportant while making a mess of your main job.

I don’t need to tell you about the risks of multitasking– this has been discussed to death. If you have a feeling that you must be doing 2 things at a time, ask yourself why. Is due to the fact that it’s going to be more productive … or more enjoyable?

Reason # 7: I simply do not seem like it.

I left this for last due to the fact that it’s the most destructive reason of all. It happens normally after all the various other excuses clear up into your daily self-talk. As easy as it sounds, it is associated with individuals who merely do not care whether they take action or not. Some call them lazy, I call them unmotivated.

The option? Begin with something basic, yet ensure you adhere to it … even if you don’t seem like it. You should find out the power of commitment, you should make taking any kind of action as part of your daily life. Even if the action is small and there’s no genuine benefit.

My sincere hope is that, from now on, whenever you hear them inside your head, you take extreme measure.

… the things that’s your reason? Tell us in a remark below.

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