5 Things That I Learned From Facing My Fears

face-your-fearFace Your Fear

If you’ve been keep track of my facebook or my last few blog posts, you know that I went to Workshop last week by Colin Sprake. It’s called Business Mastery Power in You.
It was life changing (I know that’s very cliche to say but it’s true) and if you want more information about it you can go to:  http://events.mymsuccess.com/a/playbig

One of the exercises that we did was about facing your fears. I did something that scared me last week. I won’t share with you what I did only because I don’t want to ruin the experience for you if you go to the workshop.

Before the exercise, I was very excited.
When they told me what we were doing I was very scared.
During the exercise, I was still very scared.
And when it was over, I felt like a champion.

Before I tell you what I learned, I’m offering a free audio mp3 so you can learn 6 Law of Attraction Life Hacks that will allow you to implement the Law of Attraction everyday in an effortless way.

1. Just do it!
Sometimes, the anticipation of doing something you are scared of will take you out of the game. There were over 200 people at the event and there were faciliators picking people out of the crowd to go next. I was getting extremely anxious and I didn’t want to chicken out and regret it so I told them,

“If I don’t go now, I’ll never go.”

Once I did it, I was done and I could congratulate myself for a job well done.

2. Support Makes It Easier
Everyone in the room was cheering you on while you faced this scary exercise. Everyone was sending you good energy and the support made it much easier. I couldn’t imagine trying to do this on my own in room all alone. If I was alone, I don’t know if I would have done it.

I talk about the 3rd and 4th things I learned about facing my fear in the video.

5. Watching Makes It Easier
One thing that I learned that I forgot to mention in the video was watching someone else do it made it easier. I don’t know if I would have been able to go first for this exercise but I do know that once I saw someone else do it, I knew that I could do it as well.

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P. S
Get this free audio mp3 and learn 6 Law of Attraction Life Hacks that will allow you to implement the Law of Attraction everyday in an effortless way. 

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