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The first step to finding private money for real estate investing is to look at your own funds, like retirement and savings. Next, you want to find out if anyone in your family has funds they could loan you. I?ve already written articles on those two sources. Today, I want you to consider expanding your search radius.

A primary source of private money for real estate investing in my own experience has been friends, professional relationships, and casual contacts. These are the people you rub shoulders with day in and day out, and these are the people you should be prepared to talk to about real estate investing.

How can you prepare? Glad you asked.

These folks are the ones you will need to share your elevator speech with. What?s an elevator speech, you ask? I?ve have written another article entitled ?Private Money For Real Estate Investing ? Your Elevator Speech? that goes into great detail. You can find it elsewhere on this site? just look on my author page.

To recap, an elevator speech is a short, pithy explanation of your investing activities, as well as how and why you use private money for real estate investing. It?s not designed to tell them everything, only to give them a quick overview, and whet their appetite for more.

That?s why you also want to be prepared to close them on a follow-up appointment to share more information. Either a one-on-one, like a lunch, or a seminar setting will work. Either way, if possible you want to share your elevator speech, get them interested, and close the deal with an appointment to tell them more.

Who should you be looking for? Anyone and everyone you know and have regular contact with. Don?t pre-judge just because you think they have no money, or don?t believe they would be interested in loaning you private money for real estate investing.

Professionals like doctors, attorneys, and accountants often have money to loan, or know others who do. Ask for referrals. Don?t limit yourself to only professionals? your friends can be a good source of private money for real estate investing. People you see daily at the stores and businesses you frequent are also possibilities. In short, anyone you know and who knows you.

Starting the conversation is best accomplished with a question. ?You know Mike, I was wondering,? you say, ?have you ever considered getting involved in real estate investing?? This opens the door, now all you need to do is walk through it!

These are just a few ideas on finding private money for real estate investing. For much more try

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