Finding Private Money For Real Estate Investing

Have you ever wished you had all the money you could use for all the deals you could possible handle? If you?ve been investing in real estate for long, you certainly have thought about how you could find private money for real estate investing. In this article I?ll attempt to give you some ideas for doing just that.

The first thing you should do in your search for private money for real estate investing is know what you want the money for. Since you?ll be talking to folks who will potentially loan you money, and they?ll be asking you questions, doesn?t it make sense to think through the answers to those questions ahead of time. Put your thoughts down on paper, and develop a written investing business plan.

Answer the questions lenders are most likely to ask? things like the type of property you invest in, how much money you?re likely to need, how much of your own money you?ll be using, how long you?ll need the money for, how you plan to pay it back, what rate of return can they count on, and so on. All of these things and more will be on your potential private lender?s mind. When you?re planning your approach for private money for real estate investing, you need to give these areas some thought.

One of the keys to finding private money for real estate investing is self-promotion. Don?t be shy about getting the word out that you?re looking for private money for real estate investing. Use all the same promotion tools you would use for other purposes. Classified ads, billboards, bandit signs, radio, TV, and promotional items like pens, hats, and magnets all make good ways of reaching your target audience. Let?s face it? you never know who?s got the money to lend, so you?ve got to get the message out to as many folks as possible.

Another key to finding all the private money for real estate investing you?ll ever need is planning and preparing a professional presentation. Put yourself in the place of a potential lender. What would you like to know in order to be comfortable loaning you money? How can you present your business plan in a professional yet persuasive way? What tools will impress and communicate effectively? Use everything at your disposal to put yourself and your investing business in the best possible light.

Presentation binders, handouts, flyers, and PowerPoint are all tools that have been used quite successfully by others looking for private money for real estate investing. Testimonials are especially powerful and effective. If someone has loaned you private money for real estate investing before, and you paid it back as agreed, ask them for a written testimony about the experience. Put their testimony into your presentation materials.

In fact, whenever you sign up a new private lender, ask them for a testimony about their experience. Finding private money for real estate investing doesn?t have to be a struggle. Use all or some of the tools in this article, and from a more in-depth article I?ve written called Private Money For Real Estate Investing. Then you?ll stand head-and-shoulders above the other investors in your area who?ll wish they had access to all the private money you do!

Now, go make more offers!

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