How to Find Time to Pursue Your Dream [video]

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It`s Kenny Santos here to talk about one of the most popular excuses that people use when they are too scared to pursue their dream.
“I don`t have enough time“

Now typically we all feel like we are busy and that we have no time in the day to do anything extra but if you plan accordingly, you can make time.

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Here is one simple trick:

Pursue your dream like you are reading a book.
When you have a book that you like reading, you will take any spare moment to read that book.
If you are in line at the bank, you`ll take a minute or 2 to read.
If you waiting for an appointment, you`ll read the book while you wait.
If you are riding the bus or the train, you`ll read the book during the trip.

You can do that with your dream. There are pockets of time, here and there that you can use to your advantage.

Most of us use that time either doing nothing or by fiddling around with our smart phones.

J.K Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter Series didn`t have time either and instead of reading a book while she waited, she wrote a book.

How cool is that?

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