Five Ways To Profit In Real Estate Investing

Using the systems that I teach, there are basically five ways to profit in real estate investment. These quick turn transactions fall into five main categories: 1. rehabbing and retailing; 2. wholesaling; 3. getting the deed; 4. lease options; and 5. options.

One of the easiest methods of investment to understand is retailing. The concept is simple. You are basically finding houses to buy at a low price, doing some minor repairs and then selling the house at a retail price and cashing out. There is BIG money to be made doing this, often resulting in a profit of $20,000 to $35,000 per deal. There is a whole simple strategy for finding these deals and learning how to turn a profit quickly.

Wholesaling is simply securing a deal to sell a house and then selling the deal to another investor who will actually buy the property. So in essence, you are just a broker who gets paid for finding a motivated seller, negotiating a selling price and then flipping the deal off to another buyer. You can walk away with anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 just for locating this deal and selling it to another buyer. Little effort involved and you pay nothing while collecting the check. How easy is that?

Getting the deed means that you acquire ownership of a house by taking over the existing deed from the owner. Basically, you are taking the title “subject to” the existing loan on the house, so you do not need to use a bank or credit. You do not assume the loan in this transaction, but the deed gives you ownership. Motivated sellers in certain financial situations need help getting relief from their mortgages, so this creates a “win win” situation for all parties involved. This is a very lucrative method of investment.

Lease options allow you to gain control of a property without ever taking title to the property. You can either sell for cash or put a tenant/buyer in the home to lease purchase from you until they can cash out or you can cash out by getting enough free equity.

Finally, options allows you to agree to option a property at price A with the intention of selling it at price B, with the difference being your actual profit. This particular method alone is a HUGE pay day resulting in a multi thousand dollar deal each time, depending on the price of the house. I personally know someone who used this method using $100 as his initial investment and making a profit of $2,000,000. No this is not a typo!!

As you can see, real estate investment has several creative strategies to it, all which take little to no money out of pocket yet can yield a HUGE pay day. If you are serious about investing in real estate, it gets no simpler than this. Take action today! For more read at

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