Get More Sales By Knowing The Difference Between Buzz and Hype in MLM

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What’s the difference between Hype and Buzz in Network Marketing?

A lot of network marketing has a lot of hype.

-scientifically proven
-doctor approved
-break through product
– scientific jargon
– ground floor

The problem with hype is that it all looks and sounds the same to the prospect. Everybody is using the same words so it doesn’t really have an impact on your prospect. You might think, but ours IS different, our product really is scientifically proven.
That’s great but… how can your prospect really tell the difference about who’s hyping things up and who’s telling the truth when everyone is say thing exact same thing?

When it comes to hype no one really cares.
Do you think when people go shopping that they are going to ask the clerk for something that is scientifically proven, doctor approved or break through?
When is the last time you went shopping with those words in your head?


Instead of using hype words, use buzzwords.

Network marketing products are higher quality and more expensive.
With that in mind, don’t try to convince the wrong customer to by your product, you’ll get very frustrated.
Kim Klaver from a great example: If you are selling an anti aging cream that cost $80 and your prospect is happy buying a $6 jar of ponds then it doesn’t matter what you say. Saying it’s scientifically proven, doctor approved or breakthrough won’t make them buy it.
Do they need your product?
They certainly do. But they won’t buy it.

“They need your product because they won’t buy it.”~unknown

Buzzwords will make the right type of customers more curious.
What type of words would customers that ARE willing to spend more money on your category of product respond to? What types of words would they look for? Those are the buzz words that you want to use.

Here are some examples.

European quality
Robust and flavorful
Barista or coffee house quality

Anti aging cream
spa quality
high end

Health and wellness supplements
Olympic quality
Professional grade
These work well if you have Olympic or professional atheletes using your products.

Buzz Words Will Screen Your Prospects For You
If you say:
I market a really great cup of coffee, it’s for someone that really enjoys a quality taste from a coffee shop.
If your prospects says, “I’m happy paying 20 cents a cup for Maxwell House,” then you know that they aren’t your customer. (So don’t try to convince them with hype or science)|

However if your prospect says, “High quality? I LOVE coffee, I usually spend $5 per cup at Starbucks. Tell me about yours,” then they are more likely to buy from you.

When you are out there, use buzzwords to screen your prospects. They will attract the prospects that are willing to pay and push away the prospects that aren’t.

Create a great day!

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