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Many network marketers want to use the power of social media to build their business. The trouble is that many network marketers don`t know how to do it and they end up pushing potential customers away.

Here`s what most people do.
For the sake of the post let`s pretend you want to promote a weight loss shake and it`s called “Slim Quick”

Most people will post links to their product as a status update.
“Lose weight now, check out this new shake “Slim Quick”

“Scientifically proven try the new weight loss drink “Slim Quick”

Now if you’ve tried that you realized that it just doesn’t work that effectively. You should stay away from posts like that and you can learn why it doesn’t work on another blog post.

If you all you do is post your product day after day, people will find your social media profile as spammy and salesy and they won’t want to come back.

One way to find leads is to message people directly. This is post isn’t about that but there are messages that work better than others and don’t seem very spammy.

If you want to get better at prospecting on Facebook then you need to watch a free training on social media recruiting techniques proven to attract top prospects.

Another way is through effective Facebook posting.

Think of your social media as a TV Channel.
If a tv channel doesn’t have content that provides value or entertain me and always has the same commercial of the same product, how often do you think people would watch that channel?
How ever if a tv channel developed a theme and was known to show different and healthy ways to lose weight, people would come back and want to see what the next tip was.

Post about your product purpose instead of your product.
So instead of posting about “Slim Quick” everyday, post tips about your product purpose.
In this case your product purpose could be losing weight.
It could also be getting slimmer, getting healthier, losing fat etc.

I did a google search about losing weight and found dozens of tips about it.

Everyday once or twice a day, post a tip about your product purpose WITHOUT mentioning your your product.

how to lose weight
How to lose weight:  3 simple steps
How to lose weight: 15 Easy ways

You can share product posts on your social media profile in a couple of different ways.
Here are some suggestions:
1. Just post the links directly on your profile. ( Works but not as good.)
2. Make facebook notes and post the links to your notes on your profile. (Better)
3. Make a blog and the links to your blog on your profile. (most effective)

Product purpose posts will attract an audience that will be more likely to be interested in your product.

If you post about your product purpose on a regular basis, you’ll develop an audience of people are more likely to by your product.

Once you do that, then

1. Occasionally, post your product. if you want to be a little bit more ninja about it.
2. If you want to be a little bit more “ninja” Suggest that they should be drinking a high protein shake and say, “I highly suggest Slim Quick” and post a link
3. I’ve found the best way to do it without looking spammy, pushy or salesly is to post a story about your product purpose, and suggest your product without saying it’s name, without posting a link and asking people to either comment or to message you direcly.
It might look something like this:
” Bob lost 50 lbs using this awesome shake, if you want to find out more, comment below or PM me.”

Make them ask for the link, and now you’ll have a very targeted lead that is much more likely to buy your product from you.

Create a great day!

Kenny Santos
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