Getting Over Fear Of Rejection In MLM Is Shockingly Easy

Getting Over Fear Of RejectionGetting Over Fear Of Rejection
If you have difficulty with rejection than the network marketing profession just isn’t for you. If you are going to be actively prospecting than you will get rejection. If you aren’t getting rejected in the profession then you aren’t prospecting enough.
There will be more people who reject you and say “no” rather than say “yes”
The superstars in this business don’t have a special skill or a special script that gets them more yeses, they simply talk to more people.

Superstar sales professionals get more people telling them “no” than the amateurs. They just don’t care about getting a no and talk to so many people that they can’t help but get more yeses and make more sales.

Expect Rejection
The best way to get over the fear of rejection is to expect it. The superstars have well over 50 – 70% of their prospects tell them no. Rejection doesn’t have to hurt and it doesn’t if you are expecting it.

Qualify Your Prospect
Change your objective when you are prospecting from wanting to get a sale or wanting to get an appointment to seeing if they qualify to be your customer or teammate.
If they don’t like your product or service, then they don’t qualify to be your customer.
If they aren’t hungry enough or open minded enough to invest time or money into seeing if your opportunity is a good then they don’t qualify to be your teammate.

Think of their rejection as their way of telling you that they don’t qualify to be your customer or teammate.

Politely And Quickly Accept Their Rejection
Top earners get the most nos. They get them fast, accept them and quickly move on to another prospect. Struggling network marketers hardly get any nos because they don’t talk to enough people. When they do get a rejection they spend so much time arguing with the prospect and trying to convince them to buy or join. They take a while to accept their prospects rejection when they could be talking to someone else.

The Numbers
Getting over the fear of rejection gets easier if you can make it into a game.

The one who gets the most nos, wins

There is book that you may have heard of called “Go for No!” by Andrea Waltz and Richard Fenton  in the book, the authors suggest that :

Yes is the Destination, No is How You Get There

If don’t feel like you are good at prospecting yet and your success rate is 1 out of 10 (or even 1 out of 20 or 100!) then you just have to prospect more people.
Even if you have friend and he is a superstar gets 3 out of 10 you can still out hustle them.
They will talk to 10 and get 3 while you talk to 40 and get 4.

Getting over fear of rejection gets easier and easier when you get more nos you get and when you spend less time with them.

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