Getting Repeat Customers

repeat customersCustomers are great but repeat customers are even better!

You might be able to get someone to try out your product.
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It’s important that once your customer has a chance to try your product, that you find out if they want get more.

How do you find out if your customer likes your product and wants to order more?
It’s simple.
You just ask them.
When you make a sale of your product, make sure to tell them that you would like to here their feed back and that you will give them a call before their product is finished.

If you give them a months supply, make sure to call them on day 21 -25. I usually set a time on my phone to alert me.

Call them, ask them what they liked best and ask them something like this:
“Thank you for your feed back, I’m glad that you like it. I’m about to order some more. How many boxes do you need? 1, 2 or more?”

If they are really enthusiastic, offer for them to become one of your preferred customers where the company bills them directly and the product gets delivered straight to their home.

“If you want to save some more money, you can just have the product deliver straight to your house next time. Would you like that?”

This won’t work for everyone but it will work for the ones that truly like your product. The ones that you actually want a repeat customers anyway.

All you need is a handful of repeat customers to really start building momentum in your business.

Did you get value from that?  I would love to know your feedback.  I trust you’ll use this information and also pass this along to your down line to get loads of repeat customers and multiply your business volume.


Create a great day!

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