Great Men (and Women): 2 Things That Make The Real Difference

Be greatGreat Men (and Women)
What is it that great men (and women) do that separate them from the others? If you look at the history books you’ll notice that it’s not the most talented or the smartest or the strongest that make great men (and women). I’ve actually made a video before stating that great men are not gifted.

While there is a lot to do with how great men think and feel. This post is about their actions. If you aren’t taking action then you need to know the 12 “hidden” reasons why you’re frozen with fear, spinning in Circles & feel like you’ll never actually get anywhere… snap out of this sickening cycle for GOOD!

Great men make extraordinary decisions. They don’t agree with the status quo. They are not part of the 95%. They initiate the change that they would like to see in the world.

Great men make decisions that require big dreams. Decisions that seem almost impossible. For some of us, it’s about starting our own business, for the really big thinkers, it’s about ending world hunger.

For many, reading this post, there is a decision that you’ve been putting off for a while. Unfortunately, many never make that decision and they take it to the grave. Don’t let that be you. Great men are willing to fail and are also willing to forgive themselves if they do.

Once great men make an extra ordinary decision, they take extraordinary action towards that decision.
The one thing that these great men realize is that they are worthy of the greatness.  Once great men know they are worthy, they take huge action steps towards their goals. Great men don’t just dip their toe in the water. Great men jump in with both feet.

If you are in network marketing or even starting another project, taking extraordinary action doesn’t have to mean coming in at the biggest package, quitting your job and working full time at your new business.

If you have to keep your job (I suggest you do) until your business income replaces your job income then you can still take extraordinary action.
Whether you work your business, part-time, full-time or just spare-time, make sure that you are working with a full-time attitude.
Great men will get more done in just 1 hour vs someone else (who hasn’t really decided) can do in eight hours.
Great men know that time is of the essence and that it cannot be wasted they aren’t spending all of the time reading books and listen to trainings they are taking action.
They are performing income producing activities like prospecting, presenting and 3 way calls.
Great men in network marketing are the ones that are doing the 90 day blitzes.

In the end, it’s about making an extraordinary decision and following that decision with extraordinary action.

Create a great day!

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