Growing Your MLM Online Only… With No Phone?

MLM online onlyGrowing MLM Online
I’ve often wondered if you can actually grow your network marketing business without talking to someone on the phone or on skype. Have you wondered the same thing?

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I had a subscriber ask me this:

I’d like to know – is it possible to succeed at network marketing primarily using internet marketing techniques – ie
free or paid targeted traffic such as FB ads to a landing page to a webinar to a Buy/Join + EMail Subscribe

Put another way perhaps … are there any circumstances when network marketing would not be primarily a phone call related business?

Phoneless Network Marketing
This profession is about building networks and about building relationships. You cannot build a relationship with someone without chatting with them. Some may make an argument that you could text chat through social media but to really gain most people’s trust, you’ll have to eventually talk to them on the phone.

Growing your MLM online is possible if you are really good at internet marketing. Internet marketing can actually get you a lot of a lot of customers if you know what you are doing and that can lead to some amazing residual income. That income can be used to build credibility.

Growing a team
The problem with growing MLM online is when you want to recruit and duplicate a team. Not everyone is able to duplicate building a sales funnel. In fact most just have the skill set or the know how to do it at all.

Some people will look at what you are doing and they won’t join your team because they don’t think that they can do it. And they would be right to think that.

People tend to recruit the same way they got recruited
If you recruit someone at networking meeting then chances are they will do the same.
If you recruit your warm marketing then they will try to recruit their warm market.
People will try to recruit others in the same way that they got recruited.
I had built a team mostly from posting craigslist ads. Most of that team duplicated using what? You guessed it! Craigslist ads!

If you manage to recurit some people from your online efforts, most won’t have the skill set to get customers or grow MLM online, they will get frustrated and they will quit.

Bottom line
Growing MLM Online is possible to get customers but it really needs a focused system to grow a team and duplicate.
I argue that it cannot be done.

If there was a way of growing MLM online, without using the phone or chatting on skype, then the MLM companies would not need us.
They could hire a team and they could build the landing pages, lead capture pages and sales funnels. They wouldn’t have to pay us commissions they could hire a online team for a fraction of the cost.

Create a great day!

Kenny Santos

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