Handling Rejection In An Absolutely Beautiful And Professional Way

rejectionHandling Rejection Professionally

Do you want to know how to handle rejection in a postured way that doesn’t turn people off?
Learning how to handle rejection without seeming weak and also without turning people off is very important for our profession.
We are notorious for not know how to take “no” for an answer
We nag and we try convince. If someones say no, they might be accused of being small minded or not hungry enough for change. They are told that having a job succks and that jobs are the “real pyramid”. It doesn’t look professional.
When I first started in the profession, I felt like if I didn’t get defensive and try to convince someone to join after they said “no” then I would look weak. I thought that if I knew how to overcome all objections that I would eventually “win” the argument and they would “have to” join my team.

I wanted to know how to respond and overcome different objections:
-no money
-no time
-I need to talk to my spouse
-I dont’ like selling

It took me a long time to figure out that just because I knew how to respond to different objections, most of the time, they still wouldn’t join. By doing this, I was successful at 2 things:
1. Getting into an argument with my prospect
2. Turning them off

There must be a better way
Here is a way to handle rejection that isn’t naggy but it’s also very professional and you don’t have to swallow your pride. I learned this technique from listening to a training and I wanted to share it with you.
Use this when your prospect says “no”. It could be at the beginning when you are asking a probing question or it can be after you showed them some or all of the information.

If your prospect turns you down, say this:

“Ok. Cool. Do you know anyone that DOES want to make some extra income if we showed them step how to do it?”

Most prospects are expecting you to get defensive when they turn you down, however if you accept their response it will feel breath of fresh air to them. You’ll look more professional and your prospect will likely do 1 of 3 things

1. They will still say no
They aren’t interested in your business and they don’t know anyone that would be. At least they can’t think of anyone that would right now or maybe they just don’t want to tell you. If it’s the latter then you wouldn’t want someone like that on your team anyway. Either way, it’s best to move on and talk to the next person.

2. They will give you referrals
If you are professional about it, then they just might give you some referrals. Someone that may want to join your business or someone that may want to buy your product. That’s great. It’s potential business from people that you may have never met. However, if you nagged them and tried to convince and even got into an argument with them (as many network marketers would), they would be less likely to give you any referrals.

3. They will reengage with you.
After hearing your response, even though you have “accepted” their rejection, some of your prospects will reconsider.
They will say something like:
“You’ll show me how to do this step by step?”
You need to respond with a very confident, “Absolutely we will.”
At that point you have to go into more detail with your prosect, you’ll have to show them the system that you follow or maybe bring in your upline mentor to show them how the business duplicates. This could bring out some of their objections but that’s what you want. I go into more detail about overcoming objections in a professional way, in this post called “The Art of The Follow Up: How to Recruit Without Feeling Pushy or Salesy

In this profession of network marketing, if you don’t know how to handle rejection then you can quickly run out of friends. It has even become a cliche I’m in the NFL -No Friend Left. This is a great way to handle their rejection in a positive way that allows you to look professional and it doesn’t turn your prospects off.

Create a great day!

Kenny Santos
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