Harmonic Wealth: The Secret Of Attracting The Life You Want

Harmonic WealthHarmonic Wealth
What does wealth mean to you?
Wealth means so many different things to different people.

For many, wealth means money.

Let’s face it, money may not be able to buy you happiness but it sure seems to make life a lot less stressful. As a matter fact, for most people, their level of stress rises and falls in direct proportion to their bank account level.

When their bank account is low then stress is high. When their bank account is high, then their stress is low.

But we all know that there is more to life than money.

A rich professional may make a lot of money but they may lack time to enjoy the money. They may not have time to work out, have fun or spend time with their family. So wealth can also be measure in time, health and relationships as well.

How Do You Really Measure Wealth?
This week’s book review is about a book by James Arthur Ray from The Secret. It’s called Harmonic Wealth.


It an incredible book that contains actual applicable knowledge. James splits wealth into 5 different pillars. He tells his own story and expounds on these 5 pillars of wealth.

The pillars of wealth are:
1. Financial
2. Relational
3. Mental
4. Physical
5. Spiritual

James spends 3-5 chapters on each pillar of wealth. He shares his knowledge about why each pillar is important and then he proceeds to explain how to achieve each pillar.

If you are smart, you’ll do some of the homework assignments that he suggests to do along the way.

It isn’t knowledge that’s power, but rather applied knowledge that is.

What Made Me Curious
When this book was presented to me, I could have just dismissed it as another one of “those” books that teach you about making money. Luckily, it was presented to me by a friend who I respect. When I started to read the book I realized that the book was much more holistic than just teaching about financial gains.

In the introduction, James makes a simple statement that made me really think

It was:

Your willpower will never be stronger than your unconscious mind, no matter what.

This part of the book really attracted me and made me curious to learn more. I was pleased to find that the book delivered nuggets of golden knowledge.

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