Haters serve a VERY Important Purpose

When it comes to advice, who are you going to listen too?

Everyone is willing to give advice however MOST are not qualified for you to follow their advice.

George Clason says it in “The Richest Man in Babylon.”

“But why trust the knowledge of a brickmaker about jewels? Would you go to the breadmaker to inquire about the stars? No, by my tunic, you would go to the astrologer”

When you need advice, be careful who you ask and who you listen to.

When I started my life as an entrepreneur, all of my co-workers told me that it was too risky.  I’m glad that I didn’t listen to them.

When I started my life as a real estate investor, my friends who don’t know anything about making money in real estate said that you can’t make money in real estate and I’m glad that I didn’t listen to them.

65 year olds

Remember the statistics.

By the age of 65, 95% of people are either dead or they are dead broke.

Only 5% make it.






So when it comes to making money, you should be only listening to 5% of the people. Don’t listen to broke people, even if they are your friends, even if they are your family or even your parents.

On that note Eric Worre from Network Marketing Pro has some great comments about the naysayers and the haters.

Original Post here:  http://networkmarketingpro.com/2013/02/27/mlm-haters-serve-a-very-important-purpose-nmpro-819/?inf_contact_key=f80df0ffc8e140498b684baf35314452633cd4fd962bcf77174f477710312e37

You have 3 choices when someone “hates” on your network marketing business (or any other dream)

  1. You can listen to them and go back to your life and join the other 95%
  2. You can dismiss their “advice” and do it anyway.
  3. You can use their words as fuel to motivate you to success so that you can prove them wrong.


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